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Read some interesting tidbits about students who earned admission to Wellesley College this year (photo credit: Grom).

For high school seniors who earned admission to Wellesley College as members of the Class of 2017, we thought we’d share with you some biographical tidbits about these accepted students, courtesy of Wellesley College. According to Wellesley’s admissions website, students admitted to Wellesley this year hail from 46 of the 50 states, in addition to the District of Columbia. Students also hail from 40 countries around the world. The Wellesley admissions site goes on to list some great talents of the students comprising the admitted Wellesley Class of 2017. So what are they, you ask?

From raising chickens in a backyard to volunteering for the Salvation Army to interning at the Bronx Zoo to hosting a French radio show on a local U.S. station to writing and directing a one-act play to blogging for an environmental group to waitressing at an artisan cafe to loving Pinterest, the activities and talents of the Wellesley incoming class are varied and diverse. Another student has her own YouTube channel devoted to the application of makeup. Yet another has produced the documentary, “Homegrown Arkansas: Know Your Farmer.” And one other has contributed writing to an online fashion and pop culture magazine.

What interesting fact could Wellesley write about you if you were an applicant to the all-female prestigious liberal arts college? Do you have a few of these odd facts on your college application (admittedly, some aren’t that unusual by any means — we feel like they certainly could have listed some more interesting choices)? Let us know by posting below in the Comments section.


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