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Not submitting SAT or ACT scores has become the norm for students applying for admission to Pitzer College (photo credit: Laurielosh).

For those students applying for admission to Pitzer College, know the the majority of your fellow applicants aren’t submitting SAT or ACT scores. And, should you choose to submit your testing score, it’s not going to be mentioned when the committee reviews your application. Does that surprise you? At Pitzer College, not submitting SAT or ACT scores has become the norm — so much so that testing scores have become essentially irrelevant in the admissions process. This year, 63% of students who applied to Pitzer College did not submit test scores, while 72% of students admitted to Pitzer never submitted scores.

According to an “Inside Higher Ed” article on the SAT and Pitzer, “Angel B. Perez, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Pitzer, said he had never heard of a similar situation either. Perez isn’t certain how the pattern evolved at Pitzer, but he’s pleased with the outcome. Asked about the significance of the development, Perez said that when SAT scores aren’t submitted by a majority of applicants, they simply become less important. ‘I can’t remember talking about an SAT score in admissions committee this year. It’s not a point of discussion for us,” he said. “Even for students who submit, we’ll take a look at it, but we never use it as a predictor of success.'” How interesting is that, coming from the mouth of the dean of admission and financial aid at Pitzer himself?

Going test-optional has allowed Pitzer to increase the diversity of its student body. Universities with test-optional admissions policies tend to attract more minority applicants and Pitzer’s 34% diversity in student enrollment is a testament to one of the benefits of dropping the SAT or ACT as admission requirements. Does going test-optional mean that Pitzer, a highly selective liberal arts college, won’t be penalized in the “US News & World Report” college rankings, though? No — there is a decent chance they will indeed be penalized. Writes Scott Jaschik of “Inside Higher Ed,” “For colleges where two-thirds of applicants do not submit SAT or ACT scores, the weighted average is multiplied by 0.9, effectively lowering (modestly) one part of the magazine’s rankings formula.”

What do you think of non-submitters becoming the norm at Pitzer College? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below!


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