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Northwestern seems to be encouraging Ivy Coach’s Founder, Bev Taylor, to apply for admission (photo credit: Rdsmith4).

Seeking admission to Northwestern this coming year? We’ve got a laugh in store for you. As you may know from reading our college admissions blog, we recently poked a little fun at a letter sent out by the Johns Hopkins University admissions office. The letter, which was utterly generic, was sent to parents of prospective applicants to Johns Hopkins and it included the subject line, “Your student put us in touch.” Like many highly selective universities across the United States, Johns Hopkins is guilty of trying to encourage just about everyone to apply — whether or not these students actually stand a chance at getting in. Why? Because the more students that apply, the lower their admission rate will invariably be and the stronger their ranking in “US News & World Report” will be as well.

But as silly as the letter that Johns Hopkins sent out was, a letter from Northwestern University that was sent out today is even sillier. The Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, received an email that reads:

“Dear Bev,

Senior year is here (hard to believe, isn’t it?), and no doubt you’re gearing up for some challenging classes.  Before you’re totally absorbed in your studies, we wanted to extend our best wishes for a successful and memorable year.

Warm Regards,

The Office of Undergraduate Admission
Northwestern University”

Wow. That’s all we have to say about this one. Northwestern University seems to believe that Bev is a high school student gearing up for some challenging senior year classes. Uh huh. We’ll tell Bev to start sharpening her #2 pencils so that she can start senior year off right. Maybe we’ll get her some UGGS, too.


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