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Haverford College may be need-aware now but so too is every other highly selective college in America (photo credit: Jackbauerinvc).

Applying for admission to Haverford College this fall? If so, you might be interested to know that Haverford has changed its need-blind admissions policy. Haverford will now be openly need-aware. If you’re curious as to why we wrote ‘openly,’ know that it’s because we don’t believe that any college in America is truly need-blind. Many profess to be, sure. But if these colleges were truly need-blind, then why on the Common Application does it ask if a student will be applying for financial aid? An admissions officer can read this answer with their own two eyes. And if a college were truly need-blind, they’d risk admitting a class in which every single incoming student needed financial aid. These colleges rely on tuition dollars. No college would ever take such a risk.

Ivy Coach salutes Haverford College for their candor and openness. There is no college in America that is truly need-blind. Haverford is simply ‘openly’ need-aware.

As reported by Scott Jaschik in a piece about admission to Haverford for “Inside Higher Ed,” “The college says changes will be modest. The college will evaluate all applicants as it has in the past (at least for those from the U.S.), without regard to financial need. The college will also determine the size of its financial aid budget for the year. And as long as there is money in the budget, the college will admit applicants as it has done in the past. But the college projects that it will run out of aid money before admitting the entire class and that the last 10-15 students admitted (at a college that typically enrolls about 350 freshmen) will be those who can be admitted without going outside the aid budget.”

We applaud Haverford for being openly need-aware. The school is being honest and straightforward. More colleges should follow their example. And why? Because need-blind admissions is a myth. We’ve been saying it for years. But we’ll say it again.


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