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September 16, 2012

Admission to Emory University

Emory Admissions, Admission Data at Emory, Emory Scandal
Admissions data for Emory University is under scrutiny since top officials misreported these numbers to “US News & World Report.”

Remember the Claremont McKenna College admissions scandal? As we recently noted, the fact that the former CMC Dean of Admissions fudged the data the school reported to “US News & World Report” did not negatively impact the college’s ranking goes to show you that the powerful magazine doesn’t penalize cheaters too badly. If at all. But we’ve given quite a bit of attention to the Claremont McKenna admissions scandal. It’s not like this scandal is the only one in town among highly selective colleges. Take, for instance, Emory University!

As reported by “The New York Times’” “The Choice” blog in a post on admission to Emory by Tanya Abrams, “For more than a decade, Emory University has intentionally misreported the SAT and ACT scores of its enrolled students, the university acknowledged in a statement on Friday after a three-month investigation.” According to the university’s statement as reported by Abrams, “The investigation revealed that both the University’s Office of Admission serving Emory College, and the University’s Office of Institutional Research, annually reported admitted students’ SAT/ACT scores to external surveys as enrolled student scores, since at least the year 2000. This had the effect of overstating Emory’s reported test scores. The report found that class rankings were also overstated, although the methodology used to produce the data was not clear.”

It seems that those admissions officials who misreported Emory’s admissions data are no longer under employ by the university. In fact, as reported by Abrams, Emory’s president, James W. Wagner, states that he was “deeply disappointed” by the actions of these officials, going on to suggest that the actions of a few are not indicative of the greater university.

Do you think that the school should be penalized by “US News & World Report” for a decade of misreported data that painted admission to Emory University incorrectly? We sure think that they should be. The rankings in “US News & World Report” matter a great deal around the world. The integrity of these rankings must stand and schools like Claremont McKenna and Emory have undermined these rankings with their fallacious data. The time has come to issue a harsh reprimand. And a drop in the rankings.

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