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January 3, 2020

Admission to All Eight Ivies

Our Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford Early admits don’t subsequently apply to Cornell in Regular Decision.

Some years ago, there was a press article about one of our students who earned admission to all eight Ivies in addition to Stanford and several other schools. Unlike some of these articles that come out every year that showcase the achievements of phenomenal low-income, underrepresented minority students, the article to which we refer showcased a phenomenal student who happened to be an overrepresented minority on elite college campuses. But most of our students don’t end up applying to all eight Ivies in addition to Stanford. And why?

Most of Our Students Don’t Apply to All Eight Ivies

You see, the vast majority of our students at Ivy Coach — including each and every one of our applicants this Early Action / Early Decision cycle — earn admission in the Early round. So they typically apply to only a few schools. Maybe they apply to Harvard University, a Single Choice Early Action school, along with a public university like the University of Michigan as a backup (since Harvard, like all the Ivies, allows students to apply to public universities if they apply Early). Maybe they apply to Columbia University via Early Decision, University of Chicago via Early Action, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology via Early Action. Or maybe they apply to Dartmouth College Early Decision. Either which way, they don’t typically end up applying to all eight Ivies. Because why would they?

We Oppose Applying to All Eight Ivies, With Exceptions

If they get into Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, or Cornell Early Decision, they are bound to attend and can’t apply to any other schools thereafter. If they get into Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, we will forcefully object to our students submitting Regular Decision applications to Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, or Cornell. Because we don’t believe they’d actually attend these schools over a Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. If one of our Yale or Princeton admits wants to apply to Stanford or Harvard in the Regular Decision round, we get it and we support it. But we will not now nor ever support a student who gets into a Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford who subsequently then applies to, say, Cornell. Because that student is never going to choose Cornell over Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford. And they’ll only be taking a slot away from another student to collect feathers for their cap.

The Moral of the Story

We vehemently oppose feather for cap collectors! And if you’re wondering why we once allowed a student to apply to all eight Ivies and Stanford, here’s the reason: that student was deferred in the Early round to an Ivy! That student was our only student that Early cycle who didn’t get in…and we were so upset for this student and the student’s parents. But our frowns were soon turned upside down — the deferral soon became an offer of admission and those other offers of admission then all came in, too. That student wasn’t collecting feathers for a cap. That student had every right to apply to all eight Ivies and more!

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