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We’ve got some admission stats for our readers for the Class of 2018 (photo credit: Polar Bear 11).

We’ve got some admission stats to report to our loyal readers. We’ll be compiling them all shortly and putting the ones for the Ivy League colleges up on our Ivy League Statistics page but, in the meantime, here’s a taste:

Amherst College admitted 1,103 students to their incoming Class of 2018. With 8.468 applications, this marked an admission rate for Amherst of 13%. At Bowdoin College, the admission rate stood at 15%, with 1,032 admits from a pool of 6,935 applicants. Brown University’s admission rate stood at 9%, with 2,619 students earning spots from a pool of 30,432 applications. Columbia University offered admission to 7% of applicants or 2,291 out of 32,967 applications. Dartmouth extended offers to 2,220 applicants or 12% of a total of 19,296 applications. Duke’s admission rate was 11% this year after receiving 32,506 applications and offering admission to 3,499 students. Harvard’s figure stood at 6%, with the university offering admission to 2,023 students out of a pool of 34,295 applications.

MIT offered admission to 8% of applicants for the Class of 2018, with 18,357 students applying for a total of 1,419 offers of admission. Middlebury admitted 17% of students who applied or 1,422 out of 8,196 applicants. Northwestern’s number is 13% or 4,349 out of a total of 33,673 applications. Princeton’s figure is 7% or  1,939 out of a grand total of 26,641 applicants. Stanford admitted 5% of applicants to The Farm, or 2,138 out of 42,167 (that’s quite a lot of applications!). The University of Chicago offered admission to 8% of applicants, or 2,304 out of a pool of 27,503. Penn’s figure was 10%, admitting 3,583 applicants out of 35,868 students. For Yale, the admission rate stood at 6%, with 1,935 offers of admission out of a pool of 30,932 applications.

More figures for more highly selective colleges to come soon!


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  • Steve says:

    I was once told that my daughter has three strikes against her: she is a female, caucasian and from New York. The last thing colleges need are more white girls from New York. So while these admission stats don’t lie, they certainly don’t openly admit that the playing field isn’t fair across the board. Any advice for students that are unfortunately not like Kwasi Enin, but just as qualified?

    • Bev Taylor says:

      Hi Steve,

      Know that we have many female, Caucasian students from New York who gain admission to Ivy League and other highly selective colleges each and every year. There’s nothing you can do about that so don’t lose any sleep over it. There are lots of things your daughter can do to differentiate herself in the admissions process. It’s a big part of what we do at Ivy Coach.

  • Jake says:

    Don’t forget the hardest Liberal Arts to get into!
    Claremont McKenna: 613 / 6,043 = 10% acceptance rate

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