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What would you discuss with George Washington over dinner? George Washington University wants to know!

After around 3,000 fewer students applied to George Washington University than in the previous year (around a 13% drop), GW is changing up its admissions policies. After all, the university was not too happy with their 43% admission rate, but when fewer students apply, the admission rate is bound to go up. Funny how that works! Anyhow, wondering what the changes are? You’re in luck because we’ve got them for you! For starters, applicants to GW will be allowed to apply to more than one school within George Washington University. Additionally, applicants will have the option of answering essay questions from a bigger batch of prompts.

According to an article on admission to GW in “The GW Hatchet,” “Applicants will now have three options for the GW essay portion of the Common Application: They can choose to write about how they will ‘make history,’ which questions they’d ask at a dinner with George Washington and how GW fits their ‘interests, talents and goals.’ ‘We hope that these changes will give us a more well-rounded picture of the students applying to GW, as well provide applicants with more choices,’ [Director of Admissions Karen] Felton said.”

Curious to know what some of these essay prompts are? Here’s one to get a little taste: “You’re with George Washington at a dinner party — what do you ask him?” That’s a very cool question! We like it. How would you respond to such a prompt? Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll let you know if you’re taking the essay in a good direction or a bad one. And, most of the time, applicants choose the latter. No question about it.

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