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We are all about our orange button at Ivy Coach. It isn’t an orange fruit, but its color is indeed orange. Clicking on the orange button and filling out the form is the best way to initially get in touch with us. Did we say orange enough? We’re trying to hammer this point home (photo credit Evan-Amos).

When most people pick up the phone, their instinct is to say, “Hello?” When we pick up the phone, our natural instinct is to think, “Orange button. Please click on the orange button. Have you clicked on the orange button? Click. On. The. Orange. Button.” The other day, the pizza delivery man called and we asked him if he clicked on the orange button. He, of course, had not the slightest clue what we were talking about and rightly so. Admittedly, the pizza delivery man need not click on the orange button on our website. Did we mention it was orange?  Because it is bright orange.

So many folks call us to talk about their children. We hear about Eli’s prowess at baseball and Irtiqa’s abilities at the violin. She’s even making first chair! ZZZzzz. We’ve never been quite certain why parents like to go on and on about their children but we are certain about one thing. We simply don’t have time to listen to such tales. As any regular reader of our college admissions blog knows, there are too many apple pies in this world to bake. We realize that is a ridiculous statement, but it’s become our mantra. Like the biscuits. If you don’t get that reference, it’s because you’re only a casual reader of our blog. Pick up the pace!

The fact is that we do reserve time for free 20-minute admission consults and you can set one up by…wait for it…clicking on the bright orange button. But we don’t have time to answer questions and listen to stories of violin playing at all hours of the day on the phone. We hope you understand. We hope you don’t hang up on us when we say we simply don’t have time to chat (some of you do and it’s something we’ve chosen to accept over the years!). We value our clients over our potential clients. And in order to become a client, we ask that you…wait for it…follow our instructions and click on the orange button. As the great Nelson Mandela so famously once said, “Don’t call me. I’ll call you.” Same goes for us, Madiba. Same goes for us.


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