Addressing Misconceptions About College Admissions

Admissions Misconceptions, College Admissions Misconceptions, Debunking Admissions Misonceptions
One of the objectives of our college admissions blog is to debunk commonly held misconceptions about college admissions.

Ivy Coach’s managing director was featured today on That Expert Show, discussing everything from the importance of college applicants not coming across as well-rounded when they apply to our nation’s elite colleges to the role of legacy admission to the truth behind the need-blind financial aid policies of various universities — and more. In conversation with host Anna Canzano, Ivy Coach’s Brian Taylor debunks a bunch of commonly held misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process and offers insights into how college applicants can ethically beat an unfair system at an unfair game.

Do you believe college admissions officers when they tout their need-blind admissions policies? Is your child banking on a sport to gain admission to a top-tier college? Do you believe legacy applicants don’t have a major edge in the college admissions process? Do you feel your child needs to be connected to important people in order to earn admission to an elite institution? Is your child limiting his or her high school coursework to the courses offered by the high school? If so, these are the kinds of questions that Brian addresses in this segment on That Experts Show so do check it out below!


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