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At Ivy Coach, we wish to work with students and parents who wish to work with us. It’s kind of simple if you think about it.

We understand that it is the role of most businesses to sell their services and offerings. When you go to an art gallery, you might hear a pitch on how that completely blank canvas with one blue dot in the middle would be perfect for your dining room. When you’re looking at a house to buy, you might find yourself double-teamed as your real estate broker and the listing broker are suddenly swaying you about the size of the yard. But if you’re signing up for a free consultation with Ivy Coach, we wish to readjust your expectations. We will not sell to you. Not for a second.

And why? Because we simply don’t have the time and we care oh so much more about our existing clients than we do about our potential ones. We believe it important to work with students and parents who want to work with us. We have written thousands and thousands of blogs on college admissions over the years. We have been cited thousands of times in news publications as the experts on highly selective college admissions over the last quarter century. It is our hope that in advance of speaking with us during the free consult that parents and/or students have done their homework on Ivy Coach. After all, we have limited time and we only have the capacity to take on so many students each year. Instead of trying to convince you to work with us, we’d much prefer to speak with our existing clients. And bake apple pies.

It is our philosophy at Ivy Coach to only work with nice people. It is a philosophy that has served us well for a quarter century.

So if you’re a parent who is expecting us to sell to you, you haven’t done your homework. And what exactly do we mean by this? There are plenty of fair questions to ask, but the following are leading questions that imply you’re asking us to sell to you: “What differentiates you from your competitors?” We have no competitor with our track record nor our reputation. “Why should I work with you?” If you’re going to phrase it like that, don’t. “I’ve been interviewing a number of private college counselors…” Snore. All of these phrases, whether you realize it or not, are grounded in the misplaced notion that we need you more than you need us. And these folks haven’t taken the time to learn about us because if they had, they’d really already know.

Now the vast majority of parents don’t ask questions like these and the vast majority are kind people who understand that we only answer specific questions about their children’s case for admission during paid evaluations (and not during the free consult which is only to answer questions about our service offerings) but we write this post today in the hope of setting expectations. We write this post today in the hope of expeditiously filtering out those who wish for us to sell to them so we can sift through and find the gems we wish to take on as clients. This way, when you ask a series of questions like the ones above and we reply, “We wish you all the best, but we’re likely not the right fit for you,” you’ll understand where we’re coming from. But most folks don’t ask these types of questions and those are the ones who become our clients and end up doing happy dances when their children get into their dream schools. In fact, one of our students recorded his parents’ happy dance just yesterday and sent it our way. Congratulations to that student on his admission to MIT on Pi Day even though we know you’re not going to end up going there (and we know you regularly read our blog)!


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