A Veteran at Columbia

Columbia Veteran, A Vet at Columbia, Columbia Veterans

This young man served his country. And now he will attend one of his nation’s most elite institutions. Congratulations Soutrik!

For years, Ivy Coach has been helping veterans of America’s military on a pro bono basis earn admission to the highly selective colleges of their dreams. A couple of years ago, we began offering our pro bono services exclusively to veterans. It was not because we didn’t want to continue to help low-income families, underrepresented minorities, and other groups certainly deserving of our expertise and attention. Rather, it was because of our steadfast desire to give back to the men and women who bravely serve our nation in uniform. It is our privilege to work with these brave men and women and together with our veterans, we make it our mission to dare admissions officers not to admit these courageous young people who, in many cases, risked their lives to protect our very freedoms.

In recent weeks, Soutrik Bhattacharya earned admission to Columbia University, one of America’s most elite institutions. We are very proud to have worked with this young man who honorably enlisted in the United States Army and served in the Korean DMZ during a time of escalating tensions with North Korea and its dictator Kim Jung-Un. An immigrant to the United States, Soutrik takes tremendous pride in being an American and we take tremendous pride in knowing him.

Ivy Coach salutes Soutrik Bhattacharya for his distinguished service to America.

Our country is better off because of immigrants, because of patriots like Soutrik Bhattacharya. Columbia University will be better off for having Soutrik on its campus. We salute Columbia, a school that has graduated many American heroes who’ve served our nation, for offering admission to this inspiring, smart, articulate, and kind young man who we have no doubt will change the world and we salute Soutrik for his service. We mention his name on our website because he wants other veterans to be able to achieve their college dreams too. It’s who he is. It’s what he stands for.

Our veterans deserve the greatest education our nation has to offer. And that is precisely what Columbia will offer to Soutrik. Go Lions!


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