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April 13, 2020

A Take-Home SAT

If the pandemic still proves a threat in mid-May, we suspect June SAT and ACT testing will be off. But we also suspect College Board and ACT will have take-home tests at the ready.

While the June SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT have not yet been canceled, there is a distinct possibility these tests will not be administered this June. It remains our hope that students — especially this year’s high school juniors — will be able to sit for these exams in June, but let’s face it: it would surprise no one if a few more things were canceled these days, including some standardized tests. But if any of our readers think that College Board, the maker of the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams and ACT, the maker of the ACT, aren’t currently developing or designing plans to develop take-home tests for next fall, you don’t know College Board and you don’t know ACT. These are businesses, businesses driven by their bottom lines.

You Can Bet College Board and ACT Are Developing Take-Home Tests

In fact, David Coleman, the chief executive of College Board, has already alluded to College Board’s totally unsurprising plans. As Nick Anderson reports for The Washington Post in a piece entitled “One million-plus juniors will miss out on SATs and ACTs this spring because of coronavirus,” “’We will need an at-home-style solution for the SAT if schools are out this fall,’ David Coleman, chief executive of the College Board, which owns the test, said in a discussion last week with online educator Sal Khan on YouTube. Coleman promised more details on contingency plans in coming days.” And our readers shouldn’t worry about ACT following through with take-home tests either. As Coleman writes, “The organization said it is ’working hard to ensure that every student in next year’s 2021 graduating class who wants to take the ACT has the opportunity to do so.’”

Our Crystal Ball Forecasts Take-Home Tests Will Be Ready in June If In-Person Testing Proves Impossible

Do our readers think these tests will be administered in June? If not, will College Board and ACT have take-home exams ready to administer in their stead? As our loyal readers know, we’ve got a crystal ball at Ivy Coach. And we are now fully prepared to do a reading. So what does Ivy Coach’s crystal ball say? It says that if June tests can’t be administered in person, College Board and ACT will be ready to go with take-home exams for this June. That’s right — this June. It won’t take them until the fall to work out all the kinks. In fact, they’ll never work out all the kinks. But our crystal ball suggests these organizations will administer take-home exams this June if testing can’t be administered in person. Will our crystal ball strike again? Only time will tell.

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