A Salute to the University of Chicago

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UChicago deserves a salute for launching a new program aimed at helping veterans succeed in their community.

The University of Chicago, through a new partnership with the nonprofit Posse Foundation, has launched a new program to offer support to select veterans enrolling at the school. In all, 12 University of Chicago students — who have served in in four of our nation’s five military branches — are part of this new program that is committed to helping vets succeed at the esteemed university. As UChicago’s Dean of Admission James G. Nondorf said, “We are honored to welcome a group of veterans whose diverse voices, viewpoints and experiences will enrich our classrooms and the UChicago community.” Well said, Dean Nondorf!

As the University of Chicago stated in a press release about the new program for vets, “Through a partnership with the nonprofit Posse Foundation, the students will receive training prior to arriving at UChicago and mentoring while enrolled in the undergraduate College. UChicago will provide supplemental funding to cover the full cost of tuition. To ensure undergraduate veterans thrive during their time at UChicago, the College has launched a new Office of Veterans Services, which will work closely with College Admissions and Financial Aid to support veteran enrollment initiatives and engage veterans in the broader life of the College.”

Ivy Coach, which offers pro bono college admissions counseling to select veterans each and every year, salutes the University of Chicago for launching this wonderful new program that will not only help more veterans attend this prestigious institution but will help them integrate seamlessly into its community. Way to go, UChicago!


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