A Salute to an American Servicemember

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Ivy Coach salutes Shamus Nolan for his service in the United States Navy.

At Ivy Coach, we proudly offer our services on a pro bono basis to select members of America’s military each and every year. We don’t have a draft in America. Not these days. So every single man and woman who chooses to serve in an American uniform does so with their own freewill, out of a sense of patriotism, a sense of honor. We believe there is no group more deserving of our pro bono assistance than the men and women of our American army, navy, coast guard, marines, and air force. This is our small way of thanking them for their service.

And we believe it important to share the testimonials of the veterans who do work with us at Ivy Coach because it will serve to further raise awareness that there is an organization firmly committed to helping our veterans earn admission to college upon the completion of their dutiful service. So today, we’d like to share with our readers one such testimonial from Shamus Nolan. We had the pleasure of working with Shamus during the college admissions process. Shamus served for years in the United States Navy, serving tours in Africa and Europe. We are deeply grateful for his service and his sacrifice.

At Ivy Coach, we aim to help as many veterans as we can each and every year through the college admissions process.

“The joy of serving others made me proudly enlist in the Navy. I was fortunate to be deployed three times on multiple warships stopping at countries throughout Africa and Europe. I wish to do more than just where a uniform by continuing my scholastic education. However, at prestigious and selective universities, students are increasingly less likely to be accepted. After searching through the limited amount of services, I discovered Ivy Coach. Ivy Coach has success in enrolling students to top colleges. They effectively helped me tell my stories about third world Africa and about my many hours volunteering at the VA. Ivy Coach understands my individual sacrifice for freedom. I am thankful that they freely provide their skills to America’s heroes.”

– Shamus Nolan

Seattle, Washington


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