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There are thousands of private college counseling companies. As mentioned in “The Dartmouth,” there is only one (or two) that we consider a rival. To that company, on this day, after years of healthy, distinctly American competition, we tip our caps as we continue being the absolute best choice for private college counseling in the world.

Just about every successful business has a competitor. Are there successful businesses with no competitors? Surely. But they can bet there will be competition coming soon if they’re successful or the word “monopoly” is going to get thrown around there and we’re not talking about the board game! In the business of private college counseling, there are thousands of companies. There are companies started by recent Ivy League grads (snicker). There are companies started by parents who helped their kids get into top colleges (oy vey). There are companies started by reputable high school counselors and former admissions officers at top colleges. But there are only a couple of private college counseling companies at the very top. Ivy Coach, of course, is one of these companies.

Throughout the thousands (literally thousands) of pages of our website, we make no reference to our rival. We’ve been featured in a number of articles with this rival over the years and you’ll be able to find those pieces, but we won’t reference the company by name. Today will be no exception, but we will be discussing an article on the pages of “The Dartmouth” entitled “I Can Teach You, But I’ll Have to Charge” in which our two companies are pitted against each other. So it’s no great leap to know which company we’re talking about if you’re able to click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence (we know, we make things tough for you).

There are many, many private college counseling companies that you’d be wrong to choose. We won’t say the same of our rival. We respect her work and her competition over the years. Would you be in better hands with Ivy Coach? Absolutely! Feel free to peruse our website to find out why. But we tip our caps to this company nonetheless for years of healthy, distinctly American competition.

Anyhow, as stated in the article in “The Dartmouth” written by Michelle Li, “Bev Taylor, the founder and CEO of Ivy Coach, a New York-based college consulting firm, is a ‘rival’ counselor who says a large part of her job is spent strategizing and convincing students to have more realistic expectations. ‘A lot of students say, ‘If I don’t try, I’ll never know,’’ Taylor said. ‘We absolutely drop students if we do not think we can continue working with them.’ Ivy Coach’s website echoes this sentiment, stating that the company does not take on cases of unreasonable parents and students — ‘unless you’re Melinda Gates, your daughter with failing grades isn’t getting into Duke.’ Way to tell it like it is, Ivy Coach.” Thanks for the pat on the back, Michelle Li of “The Dartmouth.” We will always tell it like it is, with no apologies.


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