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February 7, 2022

A College Admissions Thriller

The Hollywood Reporter has announced a new college admissions feature film in the works.

As if there haven’t been enough college admissions television movies of late thanks to the salacious Varsity Blues Scandal and the penchant of streamers and cable networks to rip storylines from the headlines these days, there’s a new college admissions thriller in the works. Yes, that’s right. A college admissions thriller. Because what could be more thrilling than an English-language remake of a hit Thai college admissions thriller, Chalard Games Goeng? Well, we could think of a thing or two. Maybe even three. In any case, the feature film in the works will be called Bad Genius.

As Tatiana Siegel reports for The Hollywood Reporter in a piece entitled “Erik Feig, Patrick Wachsberger Team for College Admissions Thriller ’Bad Genius’,” “Dubbed a high-stakes, high-octane heist thriller, Bad Genius revolves around a group of entrepreneurial high school seniors who team to take down the rigged college admissions system. Rights were secured before the current college admissions scandal broke…Feig’s Picturestart and Wachsberger’s Picture Perfect Entertainment are developing, producing and attached to finance Bad Genius, which is based on the film that was released in 2017 in Thailand, where it debuted at No. 1 at the box office. It quickly became the highest-grossing Thai film of 2017 and broke box-office records in several other Asian countries, including China, making it the most internationally successful Thai film ever.”

Maybe we should stand outside an AMC theater as this movie makes its way through the Hollywood development process. Ok, maybe we can stand outside starting tomorrow. Surely this future blockbuster is going to sell out opening night, right? We can’t risk not getting seats! Who wouldn’t want to watch a college admissions thriller? Said no one ever. In any event, remember when Focus Features touted how Ivy Coach approved the Tina Fey starrer Admission? We do, we do!

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