A Call to Female Veterans

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Ivy Coach salutes the men and women who serve and have served our nation in uniform on this Memorial Day.

On this Memorial Day, we at Ivy Coach reaffirm our commitment to helping some of the brave men and women of our nation’s military on a pro bono basis earn admission to the highly selective colleges of their dreams. Just about every Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, we call for men and women in the five branches of the United States armed forces to reach out to us to inquire about our pro bono college admissions service offerings.

We cannot help every veteran navigate the highly selective college admissions process. We simply don’t have the capacity to do so. But we do work with a few of the brave men and women who’ve served our nation in uniform each year (hint, hint: we select veterans whom we find to be kind — it’s a practice that has served us well for many years and one we don’t intend to change anytime soon). And we’d like to make a special point today of appealing to the brave women of our armed forces. We want more of you. The veterans who reach out to us are overwhelmingly male but we know there are a number of female veterans who need our assistance too as they navigate the highly selective college admissions process. So female veterans of our armed forces, contact us today to inquire about Ivy Coach’s pro bono college admissions services. We’d be especially delighted to hear from you.

So to the brave women in particular who serve America in uniform, we eagerly await word from you that you want our help navigating the highly selective college admissions process upon the completion of your dutiful service.


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