A Call for Female Veterans Seeking Admission to Top Colleges

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A Call for Female Veterans Seeking Admission to Top Colleges

We’ve issued the call before but we will issue it again this Independence Day: we want to work with more female veterans seeking admission to top colleges. Each and every year, we at Ivy Coach work with select veterans on a pro bono basis to help them earn admission to the colleges of their dreams after their dutiful service. But what we’ve noticed over the years is that these veterans are overwhelmingly male. It’s why we’ve made the point before and we’ll make it again today to specifically get the word out to female veterans of America’s military that we are here to help them earn admission to highly selective American universities so they can earn their undergraduate degrees.

Our Pro Bono Admissions Services are Exclusively for Veterans

We receive calls and emails just about every day from folks interested in Ivy Coach’s pro bono services. And while we don’t like saying no to folks, we find ourselves saying no to a whole bunch of people since our services are reserved exclusively for veterans of America’s military. We’re clear about that on Ivy Coach’s pro bono services page of our website. But presumably these folks either don’t read the information on that page or they just hope we’ll help them for no fee because we want to help them. While we wish we could help everyone, it wouldn’t be fair to our regular clients to take on any student who wanted our help at no charge. That’s why our pro bono services are a special perk only for select members of America’s military.

But in the years we’ve been helping veterans earn admission to the colleges of their dreams, it makes us sad that we haven’t been able to help one female soldier on college applications — beyond our initial advice. Every soldier we’ve helped on applications has been male. Let’s change that. Starting today. If you’re a female veteran interested in applying to a highly selective undergraduate institution to start — or continue as a transfer — your undergraduate education, reach out to us today and let us know you’re a female veteran wanting our help. We look forward to hearing from you!


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