A Call for Female Veterans Seeking Admission to Highly Selective Colleges

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If you’re a female veteran of America’s military hoping to earn admission to a highly selective college, you have a resource here at Ivy Coach.

Are you a female veteran of one of the United States Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, or Air Force? If so, are you interested in earning admission to a highly selective college? Maybe you’ve completed some coursework at a community college or at a not particularly selective four-year institution. Or maybe you haven’t completed any college coursework at all and chose to serve our nation right after your high school graduation. Either way, we wish to help optimize your chances of admission to one of America’s most elite universities.

We Wish To Help More Female Veterans Navigate the College Admissions Process

At Ivy Coach, we offer our pro bono college admissions help exclusively to select veterans of the United States Armed Forces. While we used to offer our pro bono services to a range of students — from low-income students to underrepresented minorities to even an incredible magician who happened to be homeless on one particular occasion, these services for the last few years have been reserved exclusively for our vets. And why? We have so many reasons but just to name a few: 1.) veterans appreciate our help (that matters!), 2.) many of the veterans with whom we work happen to be underrepresented minorities and from low-income backgrounds anyway, and 3.) most importantly, these young men and women have served our nation in uniform at great personal sacrifice.

But in the years we’ve been offering pro bono services to select veterans, we’ve found that they are disproportionately male. And while we love helping our male veterans (and we will continue to help our male veterans!), we’d really love to help some female veterans. We hear from so many male veterans and so few female veterans. Let’s change that today. If you’re a female veteran and you’re reasonably kind, do contact us today and we will help you navigate the highly selective college admissions process. We just wrapped up helping veterans through the transfer admissions process this year. So we want to get a head start on finding female veterans to help this coming year. Female veterans, fill out our free consult form and we’ll be in touch.


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