2020 College Admissions Stats

2020 Admissions Stats, College Admissions Stats 2020, Class of 2020 Admission Statistics

We’ve got college admissions statistics for the Class of 2020 to share with our readers (photo credit: Jawed Karim).

We’ll be updating our Ivy League Statistics — the most comprehensive database you’ll find anywhere on the subject of Ivy League admissions statistics — shortly but in the meantime, we figured we’d give our readers a sneak peak into the overall admission rates at non-Ivy League colleges this year and compare those figures to last year’s admission rates. We’ll of course focus only on some of the non-Ivy League highly selective schools since our readers probably aren’t interested in learning about Adelphi’s admission rates. Sorry, Adelphi.

Duke University saw a 10.4% admission rate. The previous year? 10%. Georgetown University saw a 16.4% admission rate. For the previous year, for the Class of 2019, that same statistic was 16.44%. Johns Hopkins University saw a 11.58% admission rate while the school had a 12.4% admission rate the previous cycle. Pomona College? 9.1% this year as compared to 9.76% the previous year. Vanderbilt University? 10% as compared to 11% last year. MIT? 7.81% compared to 8% last year. Amherst College? 13.7% this year — dead even with last year’s admission rate.

Middlebury College? 16.04% this year as compared to 17% for the Class of 2019. Tufts University offered admission this year to 14% of applicants as compared to 16% of last year’s pool. Swarthmore College stayed even at 12%. At the University of Chicago, the rate went the other way with the school offering admission to 7.9% of applicants this year as compared to 7.83% last year. Williams College’s rate climbed as well — the school offered admission to 17.27% of applicants this year compared to 16.8% of last year’s applicant pool. And how about Northwestern University? 10.69% as compared to 13.03% last year.

But Stanford takes the cake, offering admission to 4.69% of applicants to the Class of 2020. The Farm offered admission to 5.05% of applicants last year. Congratulations to all of Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission — and will be attending Stanford!


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