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The U.S. may soon place increased restrictions on the Visas of Chinese nationals studying in America.

Tense trade relations between the United States and China may be impacting more than your portfolios. Last week, China’s Ministry of Education issued a stern warning that Chinese nationals who choose to pursue their studies in the United States could encounter Visa issues from the U.S. government. As our readers may remember, the U.S. last year shortened the length of Visas for Chinese graduate students in various STEM fields from five years to one year. And more restrictions may very well be on the horizon.

Increased Restrictions Placed on Chinese Nationals Studying in U.S.

As reports Elizabeth Redden for Inside Higher Ed in a piece entitled “China Issues Warning to U.S.-Bound Students,” “‘For some time, some of the visas for Chinese students studying in the United States have been restricted,’ the ministry said. ‘The visa review period has been extended, the validity period has been shortened and the refusal rate has increased. This has affected the Chinese students studying in the United States normally or successfully completing their studies in the United States. The Ministry of Education reminds students and scholars to strengthen risk assessment before going abroad to study, enhance awareness of prevention and make appropriate preparations.'”

Chinese Nationals Will Continue to Attend America’s Elite Universities

When President Trump won the 2016 election, many speculated that the number of international students studying at U.S. schools would plunge in light of his anti-immigrant, America first rhetoric. But we asserted that international students would continue to apply to — and attend — America’s elite universities (a small subset of the hundreds of U.S. universities), that these universities that are the best of the best would not be impacted by any such sentiment. Our forecast proved true. And so, empowered by our prior forecast, we hereby predict that Chinese students will continue to apply to — and attend — America’s elite universities this year and many years into the future, that this trade war too shall pass.


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