Gaokao and University Admission

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In this photo from 2009, Chinese students celebrate after completing the Gaokao. The next day, they begin their university applications!

Students applying to university can take a deep breath today as the two-day intensive Gaokao exam (the National College Entrance Exam) is finally over. Students who just finished the Gaokao celebrated in the streets. Literally. But the pressure isn’t off just yet as many of the parents of these Chinese students are now adding urging their children to pick certain majors as they apply to Chinese universities. Some majors are considered “hot” in the Chinese marketplace now while others like computer science have been cooling off a bit.

According to CNTV, “Zhao Rong, Admissions officer of China UNI. of Mining and Tech, said, ‘As long as the student is accepted by a good university, he or she can switch to another major or get a second degree. But there is only one chance to get into a famous university.'” With many students opting to attend local universities in Shanghai or Beijing, there’s that growing number of students who don’t apply to university at all in China. Instead, they apply to attend a university in the United States.

If you’re a student in China who just finished the Gaokao and university admission looms, consider attending school in the United States. If interested, fill out our consultation form to get a free 30-minute discussion of your candidacy. And take a look at our blog posts: University Admission in China and American Education in China.


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