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May 16, 2016

Asians in Ivy League Minority Pool

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We firmly believe that Ivy League colleges take advantage of Asian applicants by counting them as minorities to boost their own diversity figures.

Asian American discrimination in Ivy League admissions is in the news again, largely because of a recent complaint filed by The Asian American Coalition for Education with the United States Departments of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. On this blog and in every news publication in which we’re ever asked about Asian American discrimination in Ivy League admissions, we aim to make it clear that we do indeed believe that these schools — and all highly selective schools — discriminate against Asian American applicants (and, so we’re clear, this includes Indian American applicants too!) whether or not they even realize it. But of course they realize it. They simply toe the party line.

Asian American applicants help Ivy League and other highly selective colleges inflate the diversity of their incoming classes by including them among minority students. And that’s not right because these students had no advantage on account of their ethnicity. Indeed they had every disadvantage.

One point we’d like to make is that each year when the Ivy League colleges announce their incoming classes, they’re quick to point out the class’ diversity — from geographic diversity to racial diversity…you name it, they’ll tout it. But included among the figures representing the diversity of the incoming classes are Asian American applicants. Let’s take Cornell’s Class of 2019 as an example. Cornell accepted 48% students of color. But in our description of these admits, as articulated on our Ivy League Statistics page for the Class of 2019, we described the ethnic breakdown as follows: “And how about the ethnic breakdown of the class, you ask? An all-time high percentage of accepted students to Cornell are students of color. Cornell in fact accepted 48% of students of color. And this figure indeed includes the 21% of Asian Americans who were accepted, too. A total of 1,605, or 25.7% of the admitted freshman class, identify themselves as underrepresented minorities (URMs).” So of that 48%, 21% consists of Asian applicants — students who are at no advantage in Ivy League admissions on account of their race but we do believe at a significant disadvantage.

The ethnic breakdown of the incoming classes at Ivy League schools becomes inevitably less impressive once Asian applicants are removed from the ‘ diversity pool.’ And they should be removed from this pool since they are not underrepresented minorities these institutions covet. Indeed these schools are using Asian applicants to inflate their own diversity numbers, which is rather unfair in our opinion. But we’re curious to hear from our readers if they share our opinion so do post a Comment below and we’ll be sure to write back!

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