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July 13, 2015

Admission Agents in China

Avoid admission agents in China at all cost. Did you know many also get kickbacks from universities? Of course, these universities tend not to be among the most selective universities in America.

We’ve written extensively about unethical “admission agents” in  China in years past, firms that complete entire U.S. university applications for students in China, in a one-size fits all kind of model. Don’t know how to string a sentence together? Fear not, students in China. These firms will submit an essay for you. The key word there is submit. Will the essay have anything to do with you? It’s unlikely. That would just be happenstance! And chances are good that the same essay was submitted for several students previously. A “CNN” piece by Shen Lu and Katie Hunt entitled “Fraud frenzy? Chinese seek U.S. college admission at any price” highlights the practices of such Chinese admissions agents. And that’s what these folks are called — admission agents. As to the applications that are submitted on behalf of their students, they’re typically entirely falsified.

As the “CNN” piece points out, “With the promise of English-language fluency, a U.S. college education is increasingly attractive for many students and employers. And as Chinese incomes grow, more affordable for parents. Using agents or consultancies to apply to college has been a common practice since U.S. universities and colleges started recruiting in China extensively about eight years ago.”

We work with students in China each and every year. Students in China, you do not need to be using these unethical admissions agents who submit cliche drivel that has nothing to do with you or anything that you stand for to try to get into highly selective U.S. universities. And if you think for a second that highly selective universities can’t tell when a Chinese admissions agent submits your essay for you, you are seriously mistaken. Because they sure can. Their bad writing makes it rather obvious. As does the fact that the same essay was likely submitted for multiple students over the years. So there’s that…

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