Tuition at Brown University

Brown Tuition, Tuition at Brown, Brown University Tuition

Brown University is named after this man. What do you think he would think of mounting tuition costs not only at Brown but at every highly selective college?

Tuition at Brown University is — unsurprisingly — on the rise. We only write unsurprisingly because tuition goes up every year but Brown University is certainly not the only school where this trend is the case. Read more >

Tuition at Brown

Brown Tuition, Brown University Tuition, Tuition at Brown University

Tuition at Brown is on the rise. Shocker? No (photo credit: Ad Meskens).

Tuition at Brown is on the rise. But this should surely come as no surprise as tuition rises every year, just as it does at highly selective colleges across the board. And if you’re thinking that tuition rises at the rate of inflation, no way. Read more >

Free Tuition at Harvard is Preposterous

Tuition at Harvard, Free Harvard Tuition, Tuition at Harvard University

There is an interesting piece in today’s “New York Times” on the notion of free tuition for Harvard undergraduates.

There is a very interesting piece in today’s “New York Times” by Stephanie Saul entitled “A Push to Make Harvard Free Also Questions the Role of Race in Admissions” that we figured we’d comment on. Read more >

Expensive College Tuition Costs

Expensive Tuition, College Tuition, Expensive University Tuition Cost

Columbia University is the single most expensive Ivy League college to attend (photo credit: Andrew Chen).

Katie Lobosco of “CNN Money” reports that the single most expensive college to attend in America — based on tuition and fees alone (not including room and board) is…Landmark College. It’s a small, private school in the state of Vermont that specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities. Read more >

Brown University Tuition

Brown Tuition, Ivy League Tuition, Brown Tuition Hike, Brown University Tuition Hike

Brown University tuition will rise by 4% next year.

What goes up but doesn’t ever come down? College tuition of course. Brown University will have their biggest tuition hike in three years. Next year, Brown University tuition will go up by 4%. Why the significant rise? The university is anticipating $902 million in expenses for the next fiscal year and $897.6 in revenue. Read more >

College Tuitions

College Tuition, Tuition for College, Tuition Cost for College, University Tuition Costs

The cost of college tuition seems to only go up.

Physics teaches us that what goes up must come down, but college tuition has for years defied the principles of our universe. For the 2012-2013 academic year, Sarah Lawrence College ranks as the single most expensive university in the United States at $61,236. Read more >

Cost of College Tuition

College Tuition Cost, Costs of University Tuition, University Tuition Costs

Students who need five years to graduate because they can’t get into certain classes should only have to pay for four years.

With the cost of college tuition only rising over the years, more and more students are graduating in serious debt. So what  does a school like, say, the University of California, Los Angeles have to say for itself when its students need five years to graduate. Read more >

Foreign Enrollment at American Universities

Ever wonder which university in the United States enrolls the most foreign students? Wonder no longer. That university is the University of Southern California and this has been the case for years. According to “The LA Times” article on foreign enrollment at American universities, “For the 11th year in a row, USC enrolled the most foreigners of any U.S. Read more >

Most Expensive Colleges

Expensive Colleges, Most Expensive Universities, Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College is the most expensive college in the nation this year (photo credit: Jim Lowtide).

“Campus Grotto” has released its annual list of the most expensive colleges. So which university tops the list? That distinction belongs to…Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. With a total cost of $61,236 (total tuition includes tuition, fees, as well as room and board), the alma mater of journalist Barbara Walters and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is rather pricey! Read more >

College Admissions and Student Debt

Student Debt, College Admissions and Debt, University Admission and Student Debt, Ivy League Admission and Student Debt

Only 2% of college admissions counselors think graduating with no debt is a reasonable debt level? Does this even make sense? We think not (photo credit: Jacob Rus).

Tonight is the presidential debate. Romney vs. Obama. The big showdown. One issue that could potentially come up is rising student debt as these students graduate from four-year universities and enter the working world (or mommy and daddy’s basement in many cases). Read more >