Yale Recruitment

Now that admissions decisions have been sent out by admissions offices, the tables have turned. It’s now time for the admissions office to recruit its admitted applicants so that they will choose to attend their university. At Yale, according to “The Yale Daily News,” “The admssions office will use phone … 

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Ivy League Admissions Statistics

For those receiving word of college decisions from Ivy League schools this coming Wednesday, let’s review this year’s Ivy League admissions statistics — including the number of applications to the eight member universities as well as the percentage increase from the previous year. Columbia University received the greatest increase in … 

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2011 US News Law Schools Ranking

US News & World Report has released its list of top law schools for 2011. The top four slots remained exactly the same as in 2010 with Yale Law School taking top billing followed by Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and Columbia Law School. The University of Chicago Law … 

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Business School Rankings

US News & World Report has come out with its annual rankings of graduate business schools. This year’s ranking is a bit different from last year’s with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and Harvard University’s Harvard Business School flipping slots. This year, Stanford GSB took home the top prize. … 

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