College Admissions Essays

There was a cool segment on “NPR” that chronicled what it’s like when applications go to committee at Amherst College. When applications do go to committee at Amherst College, 85% of applications have already been weeded out. It’s important to note that this process varies by university but Amherst’s process … 

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The Common Application’s Discipline Question

Thinking about checking “yes” to the discipline question on The Common Application? In our September 2008 newsletter, Discipline Questions on the College Application, we suggested that before students checked the “yes” box on The Common Application where it asked: “Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, … 

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What’s Your Rush?

It’s early in September — well before college application deadlines — and George Washington University has already received over 3,000 undergraduate applications. While we were surprised about this information when The GW Hatchet reporter, Becky Reeves, first contacted us about this story, it was only later that we found out … 

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How to Get Great Teacher Recommendations

Wondering how you can increase your chances of securing great teacher letters of recommendation to go along with your college applications to elite universities? Simply asking your teachers to write letters of recommendation on your behalf is an unlikely strategy to securing powerful letters. You don’t want to leave things … 

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