Great Recommendation Letters

Great recommendation letters tell stories. There’s a nice piece up today on “Inside Higher Ed” written by John Warner entitled “I Sort of Like Writing Recommendation Letters.” In the piece, Mr. Warner discusses how several students approach him every year and ask him to write letters of recommendation for their … 

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Letters of Rec from Teachers

After students receive their college admissions decisions, they often forget to thank their teachers and guidance counselors. These are the people who made your dream possible. These are the people who often took time out of their free summer days to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. They’re not … 

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The College Board

We’ve been pretty critical of The College Board this year (remember the SAT that was going to be offered to students at Amherst College?). But this post isn’t about that SAT administration. It’s about getting to know your high school guidance counselor and how important it is to establish a … 

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Letters of Recommendation from Teachers

If you’re a student who applied Early Decision or Early Action this year and if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to thank your teachers and guidance counselor who wrote your letters of recommendation. These teachers and guidance counselors took time out of their busy lives to write letters … 

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Teacher Letters of Recommendation

Teacher letters of recommendation are very important in the highly selective college admissions process. Don’t forget to thank your guidance counselor and teachers for writing their letters of recommendation on your behalf! Too many students forget to do this. Too many students upset their teachers and guidance counselor by taking … 

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Guidance Counselor Recommendation

Your guidance counselor recommendation is one of the most important components of your college application. So be nice to your guidance counselor!

College Admissions Letters of Rec

Justin Timberlake should not be writing your college admissions letter of recommendation. Don’t try to impress college admissions counselors.

Guidance Counselor Recommendations

Guidance counselors have great power in the college admissions process and we recommend thanking them for their work on your recommendation.