Impressive Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation, College Letters of Recommendation, College Letters of Rec

There was a great editorial by a Dartmouth College admissions officer in “The New York Times” a few days back.

There was an outstanding editorial a few days back in “The New York Times” that caught our eye. It’s one we just had to share with our readers. The op-ed, entitled “Check This Box If You’re a Good Person” and written by Dartmouth admissions officer Rebecca Sabky, is — to use the vernacular of high school students across America — on point. Read more >

Additional College Letters of Recommendation

College Letters of Rec, Letters of Recommendation, Submitting Letters of Rec for College

There’s a great piece up on “Vulture” about a star of ABC’s “Black-ish” receiving a college letter of recommendation from our former First Lady Michelle Obama.

We call them the stuffers. But, Ivy Coach, what pray tell are stuffers? Allow us to explain. Stuffers are students (and parents) who like to send the kitchen sink to highly selective college admissions offices. Read more >

Rescinded Letter of Recommendation

Rescinded Letter of Rec, Letters of Recommendation, Letter of Recommendation to College

There’s an excellent piece up on “Inside Higher Ed” by Scott Jaschik on a rescinded letter of recommendation.

When a teacher or school counselor writes a letter of recommendation on behalf of a student, that teacher or counselor is vouching for that student — or not depending upon the content of the letter. Read more >

Being Proactive with Letters of Recommendation

Proactive and Letters of Rec, College Letters of Rec, College Letters of Recommendation

It’s essential to be proactive with your letters of recommendation. At Ivy Coach, we help our students help their teachers write their letters. You read that right.

Jon Boeckendstedt, the associate vice president for enrollment management and marketing (we need a breath…that title is long!) at DePaul University in Chicago recently wrote a piece for “The Washington Post” about how letters of recommendation are a particularly unfair component of the college admissions process. Read more >

Berkeley Letters of Recommendation

Cal Letters of Rec, Cal Letter of Recommendation, Cal Admission Letters of Rec

Cal seems to be all over the map with respect to wanting letters of recommendation (photo credit: Tristan Harward).

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about how the University of California, Berkeley was choosing to defy a long tradition among the University of California schools by encouraging applicants to submit letters of recommendation Read more >

Which Teachers to Ask For Letters of Rec

Teacher Letters of Rec, Teacher Letters of Recommendation, Letters of Rec for College

Students should select teachers who can actually write great letters. That doesn’t mean these are always their favorite teachers…

Parents so often ask us which teachers their children should ask to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. It should be the teachers who they best feel can articulate what your child brings to the class. Read more >

Getting Teacher Letters of Rec

Teacher Recommendations, Teacher Letters of Rec, College Teacher Letters of Rec

It’s important that you provide your teachers with ample time to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. Or you’ll end up with template letters. We know because we’ve seen these template letters. And they are terrible (photo credit: Yeungb).

If you are a rising high school senior and haven’t done so already (which would have been ideal while you were still in school), now is a great time to be asking teachers for a letter of recommendation. Read more >

Great Recommendation Letters

Great recommendation letters tell stories. There’s a nice piece up today on “Inside Higher Ed” written by John Warner entitled “I Sort of Like Writing Recommendation Letters.” In the piece, Mr. Warner discusses how several students approach him every year and ask him to write letters of recommendation for their post-college endeavors. Read more >

Letters of Rec from Teachers

Letters of Recommendation from Teacher, Teacher Letter of Rec, Guidance Counselor Letter of Rec

Be sure to thank your teachers and your guidance counselors. After all, they wrote letters of rec on your behalf.

After students receive their college admissions decisions, they often forget to thank their teachers and guidance counselors. These are the people who made your dream possible. These are the people who often took time out of their free summer days to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. Read more >

The College Board

College Board, College Board SAT Program, SAT College Board, College Board and the SAT

Jennifer Karan of The College Board has shared an article on how high school students should get to know their guidance counselors early on to really plan out their high school experience.

We’ve been pretty critical of The College Board this year (remember the SAT that was going to be offered to students at Amherst College?). Read more >