The Well-Rounded College Applicant

There’s a piece up on “Business Insider” by Abby Jackson that we figured we’d share with our readers. It’s entitled “Asian-American student who filed a complaint about discrimination after being rejected from the Ivy League: ‘I feel disappointed’ in the Supreme Court” and it focuses on the reaction of Michael … 

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The Myth of Well-Rounded Applicants

We’re often asked, “What is the most common misconception in highly selective college admissions?” And for many years, our answer has been the same: “Students and especially parents still believe that highly selective colleges want well-rounded students. Simply put, they don’t.” This isn’t a new trend. This is an old … 

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Angular Students and College Admissions

There’s a segment and article on “WBUR,” Boston’s “NPR” affiliate that focuses on colleges seeking angular students in today’s highly selective college admissions process. No kidding. This isn’t exactly news as the well-rounded student went out with the George H.W. Bush administration. Not the George W. Bush administration. And yet … 

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Highly Selective College Stars

Do you want to know what kinds of students admissions officers at highly selective colleges seek to admit? Why don’t we give you a couple of examples of highly selective college stars — current undergrads who make their alma maters so very proud. It’s these kinds of students that admissions … 

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Duke University Student

At Ivy Coach, we love to highlight budding entrepreneurs from highly selective colleges. And, today, we’re highlighting a Duke University student — an enterprising sophomore — Bryan Silverman. Bryan Silverman was recently named by “Entrepreneur Magazine” as the top college entrepreneur of 2012. So what’d he create? The next social … 

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Ivy League Admissions Hook

Parents often want to help their children discover their Ivy League admissions hook. But too much sampling gets in the way of the 10,000 hour rule.

Top College Entrepreneurs

Many of America’s top entrepreneurs come out of the Ivy League and other top colleges.

Ivy League Athlete

Jeremy Lin, a Harvard grad, marks the first Ivy Leaguer in the NBA in ten years. He’s also the first Asian-American to play in the NBA since 1947.

College Ski Teams

If you want to compete as a skier in college, check out schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Bates, and Bowdoin among others.