Colleges Extend Deadlines

On January 1st at around 11:30 PM EST, about three seconds after our last senior clicked submit on her one remaining Regular Decision application, the Common App. site crashed. And we were certainly not surprised. With all the glitches the Common App. experienced earlier this fall, and all those students … 

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Crash of the Common App

Yes, there has been a crash of the Common App.! Many folks have been writing us tonight to find out if they’re the only ones who can’t submit their applications at the midnight deadline. They are not alone. The Common App., unsurprisingly, has crashed with so many folks on the … 

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College Admissions Deadlines

On January 1st, we celebrate the New Year all over the world as our new students finish their applications by the college admissions deadlines. Most of our students finished their applications a long time ago, but some students don’t come to us until around the holiday season so we’ve got … 

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College Application Deadline

It never ceases to amaze us how many students wait until the very last minute to do the vast majority of the work on their college applications. College essays should not be written over winter break, right before the college application deadline. They should be written way beforehand! But we … 

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Telling the Truth in College Admissions

Tell the truth throughout your college application. If you’re an athlete, don’t lie on your athletic profile. You’ll get caught. And it’s wrong.

College Admissions Recruiting

If you’re a student who received tons of brochures, posters, and e-mails from top universities and were surprised to then be denied admission by these very colleges that “recruited” you, you’re not alone. In recent years, colleges have increased their recruiting efforts by sending promotional material to students who they … 

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College Application Materials

A principal in Baltimore’ Western High School has acknowledged that certain college application materials for a number of its high school seniors did not reach university admissions offices. Yikes! This is a mishap that should never take place with vigilant college applicants! Applicants need to make sure all of their … 

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Help in Applying to College

A “Wall Street Journal” article entitled “Buying Your Way Into College” discusses how by not applying for financial aid can be the difference between a college admission and a college denial. While most applicants and their parents think that all colleges have need-blind admissions policies, the truth is that they … 

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Completing the Common Application

Colleges that subscribe to the Common Application are on the rise…again. So next year, expect the most competitive college admissions class ever with more college applications than ever before! Only we know that this isn’t really the case. Next year’s admissions class will not be significantly more competitive than the … 

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