Colleges That Accept Self-Reported Test Scores

Self-Reporting Test Results, Self-Report SAT, Self-Report ACT

Wash U allows students to self-report their test scores (photo credit: Brookings).

Wondering which colleges accept self-reported test scores? Washington University in St. Louis has joined a growing list of schools across the United States that allow students to self-report their testing results, including for the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests. Read more >

International Students Frustrated with ACT and College Board

ACT Cancelations, SAT Cancelations, Frustration with SAT and College Board

There’s a piece in “The Washington Post” that details the frustration of international applicants with testing cancelations.

When folks are asked their favorite companies in the world, companies like Apple and Netflix may come to mind. And what are a couple of companies that are unlikely to come to mind? ACT and College Board. Read more >

An Overview of AP Exams

AP Curriculum, AP Tests, AP Courses

There is a terrific piece in “The New York Times” on the Advanced Placement program.

Has the Advanced Placement curriculum historically favored the affluent? Yes. The AP curriculum consists of a total of 39 courses, although high schools tend to offer only some of these courses. For many years, the AP curriculum was the curriculum of choice at high schools in predominantly affluent neighborhoods. Read more >

ACT in Asia

Asia and the ACT, ACT Asia, South Korea and the ACT

ACT seems to be in proverbial quicksand in South Korea.

The ACT is America’s “most popular college entrance exam.” It’s a moniker the ACT loves to tout since there’s a common misconception out there that more students take the SAT as compared to the ACT. It’s simply not true anymore. Times have changed and College Board’s SAT has found itself playing catchup. Read more >

Standardized Test Cheating in Thailand

Test Cheating in Thailand, Thailand Test Cheating, Cheating on Tests in Thailand

“CBS News” has an interesting report on standardized test cheating in Thailand — with James Bond-style eyewear!

Look out Long Island’s Great Neck North High School. Yours is not the only epicenter of cheating on standardized testing. Students in Thailand were recently caught cheating on admissions exams for medical and dental schools and they didn’t exactly use crib sheets. Read more >

New SAT Test Dates

August SAT, New August SAT, August SAT Testing

College Board will be adding an August administration of the SAT beginning in 2017.

We have new SAT test dates to announce. There will be an August administration of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests beginning in August of 2017. That’s right. August. This is great news for students. When school’s out for summer, it’s such a great time to prep for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. Read more >

College Board and New SAT

College Board, New SAT, New SAT from College Board

“The Washington Post” reports that test prep professionals will be barred from taking tomorrow’s SAT administration.

College Board has implemented new measures so that SAT tutors won’t be able to take the new SAT tomorrow. College Board has long struggled with security issues, particularly in Asia (although there have been security issues  here in the United States too — remember what happened in Great Neck, New York?). Read more >

First Administration of New SAT

New SAT, New SAT Unveiled, Newly Designed SAT

Ivy Coach is featured today in “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” UPenn’s newspaper.

Ivy Coach was featured today on the pages of the University of Pennsylvania’s newspaper, “The Daily Pennsylvanian.” The piece, written by Sophia Leporte is entitled “First high schoolers will take new SAT on Saturday” and, naturally, it discusses the SAT that will be unveiled this coming Saturday. Read more >

AP BC Calculus Test

AP Calculus, BC Calculus Exam, BC Calculus

Not many students score perfectly on the AP BC Calculus test (these students didn’t just get 5’s — they got every question right).

There was a segment on “CBS This Morning” about two teenagers who didn’t miss a question on last year’s AP BC Calculus exam.  Now keep in mind that there are plenty of students who score a 5/5 on the BC Calculus AP test, but these students not only scored 5’s — they got every question right, a most outstanding mathematical feat. Read more >


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