Senior Slide and its Impact on College Admissions

Senior Slide, HS Senior Slide, College Admissions Senior Slide

How will a senior year slide impact your chances of admission to your dream school?

When reviewing our students’ senior course selections, we are often asked how senior year courses and grades are factored into college admissions decisions.

The following are some typical questions that we receive:

Q. Since admissions counselors will only see my transcript through my junior year, how will they know what courses I am taking in my senior year? Read more >

Most Competitive Class in History

Admissions Competitive Class, Most Competitive Class Ever, Selective College Admissions

Keep up your grades over senior year. Your admission to the college of your dreams can be rescinded (photo credit: Getty Hall).

For many seniors, the college admissions process was a long, frustrating, and at times, worrisome ordeal, but just because it’s over does not mean that you can forget about the remaining months ahead before you begin college in the fall. Read more >