College Tours

As students and parents go on college tours, they should pay attention to what the tour guide is saying. But that shouldn’t be all that they pay attention to. In order to get a more complete picture of a university, parents and students should wander off after the college tour. … 

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College Internships

Ever wonder which colleges produce the most interns? Well, wonder no longer! Menachem Wecker of “US News & World Report” has put out a ranking for the universities in the United States that “produced the largest percentage of interns among the class of 2011.” So who tops the list of … 

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Haunted College Campuses

“Noodle” has published a list of eight haunted college campuses. Are you curious if your university is among the haunted? Wonder no longer — let’s get started. Cal State University – Channel Islands is haunted. Why? Because the university is on the grounds of a former insane asylum. Yes, you … 

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College Fraternities and Sororities

Many of our students end up joining fraternities and sororities once they go to college. The fraternity and sorority scenes at various colleges vary and if it’s something that our students express an interest in, we do encourage them to check out the scene — or lack thereof — prior … 

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College Visits Tip

Here’s a college visits tip for you: Do the smile test! What’s the smile test, you ask? It’s quite simple! When visiting colleges, smile at students as you pass them on the lawn, in the dining halls, and in lecture halls. Give them a full, ear-to-ear smile. Then, see if … 

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Undergraduate Business Majors

If you’re someone who wants to work in the business world after college, that doesn’t mean that you have to be one of the many undergraduate business majors. Just as med school applicants can major in philosophy (so long as they satisfy medical school course requirements), students who want to … 

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Summer College Visits

With summer approaching, you’d think it would be the perfect time to go and visit colleges. Students have a couple of months off from school. Their schedules are emptier. They’ve got the time and the weather is nice! But summer college visits are not a great idea. A number of … 

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College Admission Decisions

Harvard admissions officers tipped students off via a phone call that they’d be receiving Likely Letters.

Gap Years and College Admissions

If you’re taking a gap year before college, don’t hang out at the beach. Work. Learn. Pursue your passions.

College Majors and Earnings

Recent graduates in computer science, math, and engineering tend to make more money than students who major in other fields. Shocker (not really).