3 Things To Do During College Visits

College Visits, Campus Visits, Visiting Universities.

We encourage prospective students to wander around college campuses so they can have genuine interactions with current students.

It’s fall. The leaves are gradually beginning to fall of the trees, folks are starting to discuss Halloween costumes, and it’s prime season for visiting colleges. You see, many folks believe the best time to visit colleges is during the summer months. Read more >

Surprise Commencement Performance

Commencement Surprise, Graduation Speakers, College Commencement Speaker

Bon Jovi performed at Fairleigh Dickinson’s commencement ceremony today (photo credit: Rosana Prada).

“We’re half way there
Livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it
I swear, livin’ on a prayer” – Bon Jovi

Oh wait, we’re supposed to be writing about colleges and college admissions, not writing out Bon Jovi lyrics. Read more >

Harvard and NYU Letters

Harvard Letter, NYU Letter, Harvard and NYU Letter to Kushner

Classmates of Jared Kushner’s from his days at the NYU School of Law have penned an open letter to the real estate scion and senior advisor to President Trump (photo credit: NYU School of Law).

We’ve written before about Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Trump who is now one of his senior, most trusted advisors. Read more >

Submitting College Applications Early

Submitting College Applications, Early Submission of College Applications, College Apps Submitting

Nobody at Penn is reading an Early Decision candidate’s application right now. Don’t be silly.

Submitting college applications early, well before the deadlines for these schools, is a good idea, right? No, not right. Wrong. We’re sometimes asked, “Sally should submit all over her applications before school starts in the fall, right?” “No, hold your horses. Read more >

Hamilton and Diversity

Hamilton College, Diversity at Hamilton College, Hamilton and Diversity Requirement

Hamilton College is located in Clinton, New York.

Yes, we want to see “Hamilton” the musical too. Who doesn’t? But this particular post is about Hamilton College! Hamilton College, a school that regularly makes the short list of most expensive colleges in America and appears among the more selective liberal arts colleges in the annual “US News & World Report” rankings, will be adding new graduation requirements beginningĀ in 2017-2018. Read more >

Alma Maters of Powerful Women

Alma Mater of Melinda Gates, Powerful Women Colleges, Colleges of Powerful Females

Melinda Gates’ ties to Duke University are very strong indeed (photo credit: Kjetil Ree).

There’s a piece up on “MSN Money” that focuses on where the women who cracked “Forbes'” top ten of most powerful women in the world attended college that we figured we’d share with the readers of our college admissions blog. Read more >

A Boston University Professor


BU Professor, Boston Professor, Professor at BU

Ivy Coach mourns the death of Elie Wiesel today, a long-time Boston University professor and one of the world’s great humanitarians.

We are very sad today to learn of the death of Elie Wiesel, arguably the most famous survivor of the Holocaust, a man who gave voice to the voiceless and whose original prose is forever seared into the world’s collective conscience. Read more >

Hillary Clinton Commencement Speech

Wellesley and Hillary, Hillary at Wellesley, Hillary Wellesley Commencement Address

No matter your political beliefs, Wellesley College scored when the school admitted Hillary Clinton (photo credit: Jared and Corin).

Admissions officers at highly selective colleges love to cherry-pick applicants who they believe will one day change the world. Sometimes they get it wrong (and sometimes terribly wrong like when Harvard offered admission to John “Ted” Kaczynski, a man who would become “The Unabomber”). Read more >

Least Happy Colleges

Unhappy Colleges, Least Happy Universities, Unhappy Students at Colleges

West Point is one of America’s most prestigious institutions, but apparently it’s also home to a number of unhappy students. We’ve certainly helped several transfer from West Point over the years to other highly selective colleges.

Yesterday, we posted about the happiest colleges in America, as according to an 80-question survey completed by 136,000 students. Read more >

Happiest College in America

Happy College, Happiest School in America, Happy College in America

According to one surgery, Vanderbilt University ranks as the happiest college in America.

What is the happiest college in America, you ask? The Princeton Review conducted an 80-question survey of 136,000 students at colleges across the nation to figure out the answer to this question. And the college with the happiest students, according to the results of this survey is…drum roll please…Vanderbilt University. Read more >


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