SAT Registration Deadlines

Today is the last day to register without paying the late fee for the October 1st SAT exam.

Test Optional Universities

Many test optional universities – in fact most – recruit students based on their SAT and ACT scores. Is this hypocrisy or what?

Test Optional Colleges

FairTest has compiled a ranking of the most prestigious test optional colleges in the nation.

ACT Exam

Certain sections of the ACT exam may be better predictors of academic success in college than others.

June SAT Deadline

For those students intending on taking the upcoming SAT, the June SAT deadline is fast approaching. And for those students planning on taking the June ACT, that deadline is also fast approaching as both the SAT and ACT registration cutoffs are on May 10th. The June SAT will take place … 

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SAT Tutoring

MyCollegeGuide posted an article in which they interviewed the Senior Vice President of Educational Service for the ACT and the Vice President of the SAT program. In the interview, the two testing executives discussed factors students should consider when deciding between taking the SAT or ACT, what the best way … 

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SAT Deadline

High school juniors — tomorrow (April 8th) is the last day to register for the May SAT exam (taking place on May 7th). You can still register up until April 22nd for the May exam but you will incur a $24 late fee for late registration. You can register on … 

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ACT and SAT Prep

There is an article in “Smart Money” today that discusses ten things SAT prep companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review don’t tell you. While we at Ivy Coach agree with some points raised in the article and disagree with others, it is important to note that Kaplan and Princeton … 

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SAT Scandal

Did you hear the story about the imposter on the SAT? The New York Post is reporting that an SAT scandal is brewing in Great Neck, New York, which happens to be the setting of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. You know…the book that just about every high school … 

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SAT Essay Question

Frustrated by the SAT essay question this past weekend? On the most recent SAT exam, there was an essay prompt that has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. The SAT essay question related to reality television: “These shows depict ordinary people competing in everything from singing and dancing to … 

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