College Board Attacks Test Optional Colleges

If you’re wondering the College Board’s position on test-optional colleges, we might suggest you follow the money. While the College Board is a not-for-profit organization, don’t think for a second that a not-for-profit isn’t driven by its bottom line — and College Board’s bottom line is quite high. Those $93 … 

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SAT Still Grapples with Score Disparity

Critics of the SAT have long argued that the gaps in scores between groups of test-takers of different races/ethnicities is indicative of the fact that the test is an unfair barometer of a student’s ability to succeed in college. It’s an argument that goes back many decades — to a … 

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Colleges That Require SAT Subject Tests

Many highly selective colleges do not require applicants to submit SAT Subject Test scores. But don’t be fooled. With admission rates at many highly selective colleges at or below 10%, what a college requires and what a college actually wants to see can be two entirely different things. Think about … 

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ACT Testing Registration Deadlines

What are the upcoming ACT testing registration deadlines for 2017-2018, you ask? If you intend to take the ACT this year, you may have woken up with this pressing question on your mind. Ok, maybe not. But we figured we’d let you know these ACT testing registration deadlines anyway. After … 

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SAT ACT Concordance Scale

A number of folks ask us if their ACT or new SAT is stronger. Wonder no longer. We’ve got an SAT / ACT Concordance Scale for our readers. Note that this does not include writing scores. We didn’t wish to overwhelm folks with charts so we’ll include writing score conversions … 

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New SAT Security Measures

In light of numerous incidences of cheating on SAT administrations, College Board recently announced several new security measures aimed to curb the practice of students attempting to gain an unfair advantage. While there has been attempts at cheating on the SAT for as long as the SAT has existed, these … 

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