Surprise Commencement Performance

“We’re half way there Livin’ on a prayer Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear, livin’ on a prayer” – Bon Jovi Oh wait, we’re supposed to be writing about colleges and college admissions, not writing out Bon Jovi lyrics. But it’s commencement season and the sun has … 

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Haunted College Campuses

“Noodle” has published a list of eight haunted college campuses. Are you curious if your university is among the haunted? Wonder no longer — let’s get started. Cal State University – Channel Islands is haunted. Why? Because the university is on the grounds of a former insane asylum. Yes, you … 

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Commencement Speakers

Steve Carell will be addressing graduates of Princeton this year. Barbara Walters will be the speaker at Yale.

Stanford University Applicants

There was a cool article in “The Stanford Daily” by Jordan Carr that broke down the eight categories of admitted students to Stanford University. While the piece is intended as humorous, Jordan’s breakdown isn’t exactly a stretch of the truth. In fact, it’s probably quite accurate and that’s why it’s … 

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College Admissions Flaws

There is an opinion piece on “The Huffington Post” by John M. Eger in which Mr. Eger criticizes the college admissions process. In fact, Mr. Eger compares the college admissions rat race to the lottery when he writes, “Is who gets admitted to one of America’s coveted universities each year … 

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Preschool to the Ivy League

There is an article in today’s suing the preschool her daughter attended, the ultimate source of information that is neither interesting nor noteworthy, that focuses on a Manhattan mom who is suing the preschool her daughter attended for hurting her 4 year-old’s chances of admission to an Ivy League school … 

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Ivy League Tuition Costs

Tuition costs in the Ivy League are on the rise again. Shocker. Dartmouth saw the highest tuition hike at 5.9%. Princeton saw the lowest hike in the last 45 years at 1%. While Columbia has not yet announced their tuition hike the university will, in all likelihood, end up being … 

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The Grand Prize of Caltech Admissions

Admissions officers at the California Institute of Technology celebrated last year when they landed a major recruit. This student was not the 7’0, 260 lb. inside post presence that could help transform their basketball team from the most notorious loser — they had not won a single conference game in … 

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There is Life After Being Rejected

For the Class of 2014, Harvard University received 30,489 applications and accepted 2,110 students. If you’re one of those 28,379 students who applied and were rejected, you may find some comfort in knowing that Harvard does indeed make mistakes from time to time. Take U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA), for … 

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