South Africa College Admissions

Fifteen years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, race remains the hot topic in the national dialogue. In South Africa college admissions, affirmative action is a highly debated subject. If you’re an American who disagrees with the practice of affirmative action in the United States, you’d probably disagree … 

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Yale University International Applicants

In an article in today’s Yale Daily News, “Admissions promotes Yale abroad” international students at Yale hailing from Asia outnumber the international students hailing from Europe, Africa, and Australia combined. In terms of countries, the biggest number of international students at Yale come from Canada, followed closely by China, India, the … 

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The Student Visa Interview

For international students applying to colleges in the United States, we’d like to offer you some tips on preparing for the student visa interview at your U.S. consulate. – “Ties that bind.” It’s imperative that you demonstrate to the interviewer that you intend to return to your native country after … 

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