Chinese Students Coming to U.S. High Schools

Chinese at US High Schools, Chinese at American High Schools, Chinese Citizens at American HS

Ivy Coach is referenced today in an article up on “BuzzFeed” on Chinese students attending U.S. high schools.

While it’s not exactly a shocker, more and more Chinese students are coming to U.S. high schools. Indeed Ivy Coach is featured in a piece up on “BuzzFeed” today by Molly Hensley-Clancy entitled “More Chinese Students Are Coming To US High Schools To Get Into American Colleges” that we figured we’d bring to the attention of our readers. Read more >

International Applicant Enrollment Numbers

International Student Enrollment Figures, International Student Yield Numbers, International Student Yield

A piece in “The Wall Street Journal” highlights how international applicant enrollment numbers have held steady from last year.

Have international applicant enrollment numbers taken a nosedive in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency, in light of his administration’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric? While the answer may surprise some, the answer is a resounding no. Read more >

International Application Numbers

International App Numbers, International Application Statistics, International Application Figures

International applications numbers at our nation’s most elite universities are not down this year. Precisely as we forecasted.

Curious about international application numbers for the Class of 2021 — this year’s group of rising college freshmen? A number of reporters have been asking us over the course of the last several months if we anticipate that international applicants will be less inclined to apply to American universities because of the rhetoric and proposed immigration bans of the current presidential administration. Read more >

International Students Help American Students

International Applicants, International Students, International Students and Admission

International students are essential to the success of any highly selective American university.

A number of folks have written in of late after reading our post about why international students on American college campuses are good for all — including American students. We can’t help but find that some of these folks’ comments smell of xenophobia. Read more >

International Applicants to US Universities

International Applicants, International US Applicants, Applicants to US Colleges from Other Countries

The best universities in the world are in America. While others are anticipating a drop in the number of international applicants to America’s most highly selective colleges, we don’t agree. We believe the drop will be at less selective U.S. universities.

Over the years, folks have written in with comments to our posts about international applicants to U.S. Read more >

International Students and Tuition

International Students, International Applicants, International College Students

An increasing percentage of students at highly selective American universities hail from nations outside of the United States.

We came across an editorial on a very conservative-leaning website, “Accuracy in Media,” that we figured we’d share on the pages of our college admissions blog. After all, we like to present two sides to issues and we believe that every highly selective college should seek to present both perspectives in their classrooms — and, yes, they could no doubt do a better job of presenting the conservative perspective. Read more >

International Students at American Universities

International Applicants to Ivies, International Applicants to US Colleges, International University Applicants

There was a great piece by Nick Anderson on the surge in international students at American universities in “The Washington Post.”

There was an excellent piece recently in “The Washington Post” by Nick Anderson entitled “Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges” that we figured we’d share. Read more >

Public Colleges and International Students

Public Colleges and International Students

Oh hi there, Secretary Kerry on a visit to the University of Virginia.

There’s a terrific piece up on “Forbes” by Carter Coudriet entitled “Should U.S. Public Colleges Accept More International Students, Or Not?” As Mr. Coudriet points out, “In the 2014-2015 school year, America hosted 974,926 international students in its various colleges and universities, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Read more >

Foreign College Applicants

International College Applicants, Foreign University Applicants, University International Applicants

There’s an interesting piece in “The New York Times” on the potential decline of foreign college applicants in the U.S. under President-elect Trump.

Could foreign college applicants decline in the U.S. under President-elect Trump? There’s an interesting piece in “The New York Times” today by Nida Najar and Stephanie Saul about how students who have been considering coming to the United States for their undergraduate and graduate studies might be rethinking their plans in light of the election of Donald Trump. Read more >

Ivy League Champions

Ivy Champs, Ivy League Championships, Ivy Titles

Congratulations to Dartmouth College and Coach Buddy Teevens on their 2015 Ivy League football title.

Update: Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania each won their games today as well over Yale University and Cornell University, respectively, joining Dartmouth College as 2015 Ivy League champions.


The team that plays with robots (in practice) to reduce concussions is changing the game of football.

Read more >


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