The Psychology of College Tours

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Highly selective college admissions is all about psychology (photo credit: Daderot).

Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that the science of psychology quite frequently works itself into our posts. After all, highly selective college admissions is — in our view — a psychological science. It’s about persuading admissions officers to want to root for you. Read more >

Demonstrating Interest in Colleges

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Oh hi there, Sarah Lawrence!

Demonstrating interest in colleges matters big time in highly selective college admissions.

One of the most common mistakes that students make when applying to highly selective colleges is that they don’t show these colleges they love them. Remember the HBO series, “Tell Me You Love Me”? Read more >

Interest Quotient in Admissions

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Writing about Ben Franklin in a Why Penn admissions essay is lame. Ben Franklin saved is a Why Penn essay earned. Oy vey. That was bad. We tried.

We’ve discussed the Interest Quotient on the pages of our college admissions blog before. And yet so many students and parents just don’t seem to understand the importance of the IQ. Read more >

Visiting Universities

There are pluses and minuses to visiting universities over the summer months. The big minus is that at most universities, the majority of students aren’t around during the summer. Sure, there are exceptions. At Dartmouth, for example, sophomores are required to spend their summer on the Hanover, New Hampshire campus. And you’ll find trickles of students taking summer courses at a host of universities, including highly selective ones. Read more >

Showing Interest in College Admissions

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Elton Brand is not a reason why you want to attend Duke University. Well, maybe he is. But you don’t have to let Duke admissions officers know this! Oy vey. Showing interest in college admissions is important…and it’s important to show your interest the right way (photo credit: Keith Allison).

Showing interest in college admissions is important. Read more >

Summer College Visits

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Summer college visits aren’t such a great idea. Do you see many students in this photo of Rice University? We didn’t think so.

With summer approaching, you’d think it would be the perfect time to go and visit colleges. Students have a couple of months off from school. Their schedules are emptier. Read more >

Ivy League Interest

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Expressing an interest in a college such as Dartmouth does matter in the admissions process. Colleges want students who want them!

Expressing interest in a university can often prove essential to gaining admission to that university. Colleges want to know that if they like you that you’ll like them back. Why? Read more >

More on YouTubing the College Admissions Rapids

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Making YouTube videos to go along with your college application is more than likely a mistake.

Posting videos on YouTube in substitution for an application essay may be the latest craze in college admissions, but we at Ivy Coach doubt that too many colleges are going to adopt this practice. While a video might have value if it actually says something about the applicant, unless access to the video is limited to only the admissions committee, we don’t see where it’s in the applicant’s best interest to have a video publicly displayed. Read more >

Demonstrate College Interest

Demonstrated College Interest, Demonstrated Interest, Demonstrated University Interest

Highly selective colleges do indeed measure a student’s demonstrated interest in attending.

In a personal and revealing op-ed piece in the April 3, 2009 edition of “The Los Angeles Times,” Angel Pérez, the director of admission at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA writes about his experiences in reviewing applications. He talks about how when he visited a high school in his assigned geographic area, one student in particular impressed him. Read more >