Ivy League and Indian Applicants

Ivy League and India, Indian and Ivy League, Ivy League Admission from India

There’s a piece up on “Forbes” about Indian applicants to Ivy League schools.

There’s a piece up on “Forbes” by Matt Symonds entitled “Did An Ivy League Place Just Get Easier For Indian Applicants?” that we figured we’d share with our readers. But while we recognize the title makes for good click bait, Mr. Read more >

Indian American Discrimination in Admissions

Indians and Ivies, Ivy League and Indian Americans, Indian Applicants to Ivies

Stereotypes are fixed-action patterns. And they’ve been preprogrammed into our brains since the time when we were hunter-gatherers. So do college admissions officers stereotype? They’re human. You bet they do.

With the announcement that an Asian American coalition will be filing suit against Brown University, Dartmouth College, and Yale University for alleged discriminatory practices in admissions, we feel the need to draw attention to another group of students who also face discrimination in highly selective college admissions — they just don’t form coalitions that file civil rights suits against universities. Read more >

Indian Discrimination in Ivy League Admission

Indians and Ivy League, Ivy and Indians, Ivy League Indian Discrimination

Chinese Americans get more press but Indian Americans face similar discrimination to their Chinese counterparts at highly selective institutions (photo credit: Christina Keddie).

Indian Americans and Indians face discrimination in Ivy League admissions just as Indians face discrimination when they apply to all highly selective colleges. It’s not unique to the Ivy League. Read more >

Indians at American Universities

Indians at American Colleges, Indians at American Schools, Indians at Universities in America

Students hailing from India are on the rise at America’s universities.

Among international students studying at universities across America, the nation that remains the best represented is China. This should come as no surprise to the loyal readers of our college admissions blog. But a group that has long placed second in this category behind China is India. Read more >

India and the American Dream

Indian American Dream, Indian Americans, India and American Dreams

India’s “Economic Times” features a terrific editorial on the American Dream and how India could learn a thing or two from the American system of education. We happen to agree.

There’s a fantastic editorial in India’s “The Economic Times” written by Vivek Wadhwa entitled “What India could become if it learned from the American Dream” that we figured we’d share with the readers of our college admissions blog. Read more >

Admission to the Ivy League from India

Ivy League and India, Indians to the Ivy League, Ivies and India

Apologies to Purdue for singling them out, but Purdue just isn’t one of America’s most elite universities. And yet many students from India are under the misimpression that it is (photo credit: Abhijitsathe).

Thinking about applying for admission to the Ivy League from India? As Ivy Coach has opened up an office in India, we figured we’d open up a discussion about some common misconceptions that students in India (and their parents) have about the U.S. Read more >

College Admissions Counseling in India

College Counseling in India, India Ivy League Admissions Help, College Consulting in India

The state of U.S. college admissions counseling in India is quite bad. And, at Ivy Coach, we aim to correct this.

As Ivy Coach has opened up an office in India, we thought we’d discuss the current state of college admissions counseling within the country. In a line, it is quite bad! Read more >

Indians Headed to the Ivies

Indians and Ivy League, Indians and Ivy League Colleges, Indians to the Ivies

As a piece in “Seventeen” points out, more and more students in India are coming to the United States for their university educations, particularly at Ivy League colleges.

More and more students in India are headed to the Ivies. In fact, we came across a piece in “Seventeen,” a most academic publication for only the most serious of readers, that we figured we’d share with the readers of our college admissions blog. Read more >

Indian Ivy Leaguers

India and Ivy League, Ivies and India, India and Ivy Leaguers

There are more students from China on Ivy League campuses than there are students from India.

There is an article in “The Times of India” that we found interesting entitled “Chinese outstrip Indians in Ivy League” and we figured we’d share it with our loyal readers. Written by Hemali Chhapia Shah, the article cites how the number of Chinese students on Ivy League campuses has risen over the year, while the number of Indian students has more or less remained stagnant. Read more >

India University Admissions

India University Admission, University Admission in India, Indian University Admissions

The caste system still plays a role in university admission within India.

As Affirmative Action is debated at the Supreme Court in the United States, a similar issue is currently up for debate in India. But in India, it’s not about reserving spots for minorities and the underprivileged. Rather, what’s up for debate is the merits of India’s caste system. Read more >