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April 12, 2012

High School Summer Plans

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Summer is just around the corner and, if you’re a high school freshman, sophomore, or junior, it’s time to start planning out what you’re going to be doing this summer. If you wait too long, you might just end up watching TV all summer long. Not only would that not be fun, but it certainly would not be productive. And it would put you at a serious disadvantage as you seek to earn admission to your dream colleges. So as you finish up your coursework for the year and start preparing for final exams just around the corner, start planning your summer plans!

If you think you need to attend a fancy, expensive summer program at a university to gain admission to the college of your dreams, you’d be wrong. Sometimes, the best high school summer plans are right in your neighborhood. It could be taking a job at the local deli or working as a lifeguard at your local beach. Maybe it’s volunteering at something you’re very passionate about. Maybe it’s conducting science research at the local college, research that you’ll later present at science fairs around the country.

Colleges want to see a focused commitment and a depth of commitment in a specific area. Your high school summer plans are a perfect opportunity to really delve into your passion and explore it in a way you simply don’t have time for during the academic year. So capitalize on this distinct opportunity. Don’t let other students gain an advantage that you won’t have. Start planning your summer plans right now.

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