Summer Work Experience and Admissions

Admissions and Work Experience, Work Experience in Admissions, Summers and College Admission

Work experience at McDonald’s can actually help a student’s case for admission to a highly selective college (photo credit: Bryan Hong)

We used to get asked quite a bit, “How would work experience factor into my child’s case for admission?” Regrettably, we get asked this question less and less in recent years. Read more >

Nixing Summer Programs

College Summer Programs, Summer Programs and Admissions, College Admissions Summer Programs

Ivy Coach, as referenced on “The Huffington Post,” stands firmly against fancy summer enrichment programs (photo credit: King of Hearts).

A number of folks have been writing in to us of late inquiring about summer programs. Maybe they’re thinking of sending their children to the Stanford Summer Enrichment Program. Or a program like Stanford’s. Read more >

Google Science Fair Winner

Google Science Fair, Winner of Google Science Fair, 2015 Google Science Fair

A student’s pregnancy test for Ebola was the grand prize winner for the 2015 Google Science Fair.

Henry David Thoreau taught his readers to “simplify, simplify.” We happen to agree. So many students when applying to highly selective college admissions overly complicate their stories. They overly complicate their experiences, their accomplishments, their interests. Read more >

College Summer Enrichment Programs

We came across a radio segment on “Public Radio International” that we figured we’d share with our readers. The segment focuses on college summer programs. For those of you who read our blog regularly, you know where we stand on the topic of fancy summer programs. We think they’re a waste.  Read more >

Importance of Summer Plans in Ivy Admission

Summer Plans in Ivy Admission, Summer Plans and Ivy League, Summers and Ivy League Admissions

Sure, give $10,000 to Leland Stanford’s university (maybe it’ll help them commission a new portrait of the fellow). But if you think it’ll help your child’s case for admission to top colleges (including even Stanford), you are misinformed.

Summer plans matter big time in Ivy League admissions! To paraphrase Dr. Seuss (who, it should be noted, attended Dartmouth College), “the time has come, the time is now.” No, this reference in the context of this blog has nothing to do with Marvin K. Read more >

Summer College Enrichment Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs, Summer University Enrichment Programs, Ivy League Summer Enrichment Programs

Summer college enrichment programs are totally overrated. You might as well spend your summer surfing all summer instead if you don’t want to do something that will help you stand out in the highly selective college admissions process.

The Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, has an article up today on “The Huffington Post” entitled “Summer College Enrichment Programs Are Sleep-Away Camps” in which she discusses how summer college enrichment programs are essentially a waste of one’s time and money. Read more >

Service Trips and College Admissions

Service Trips and College Essays, Service Trips and College Admissions Impact, Community Service and College Admissions

Visiting Soweto for a day does not make you familiar with what residents in Soweto go through on a daily basis. Don’t pretend to know their experience in your college essays (photo credit: Matt-80).

Ivy Coach was featured in “The New York Times” this weekend in an article about service trips and college admissions. Read more >

Work and College Admissions

Working and College Admission, Working and Ivy League Admission, Work Experience and College Admissions

Contrary to popular belief, summer employment can be beneficial to an applicant in the highly selective college admissions process. And so can conducting research (photo credit: Wouter van Erve).

Work and college admissions success (as in employment during high school or over high school summers), contrary to popular belief, are not inversely related. Read more >

Summer and College Essays

Summer and University Essays, Summer and Admissions Essays, Summer and Ivy League Essays

Rising seniors, summer is the perfect time to write your college essays. Don’t let it pass you by without writing these important statements!

For rising seniors, summer is the perfect time to write your college essays. You’re off from school. You’re not studying for tests, you’re not writing papers for AP classes, and you’re not going to school for several hours each weekday. Read more >