Grade Inflation in Wealthier High Schools

Grade Inflation, GPA Inflation, Inflation of the Grade Point Average

There’s a great piece in “Education Week” on grade inflation at wealthier, suburban high schools.

A new study conducted by the College Board, the company behind the SAT, has found that the grade point averages of high school students have been on the rise throughout the nation over the last several years. Read more >

A in Honors Course

A's in Honors Courses, Honors Courses, Grades in Honors Courses

The very best schools want to see the very best grades in the most rigorous courses available — and then some.

Lots of folks ask us a similar question quite regularly. Maybe they all phrase it a little differently but the purpose of the question remains the same. Essentially, the question is this: “Is it better to get a ‘B’ in an Honors course or an ‘A’ in a non-Honors course?” And the answer is: “It’s better to get an ‘A’ in an Honors course.” Yes, that’s the answer. Read more >

Grades in Advanced Courses

Grades in Honors Courses, Honors Course Grades, Advanced Course Grades

An editorial in “Forbes” makes it seem as though getting a ‘B’ in an advanced course can help your case for admission to highly selective colleges. That simply isn’t the case.

There’s a piece by Chris Teare up on “Forbes” entitled “What It Takes To Prepare For College Today” that we figured we’d share with our readers. Read more >

Grades in Honors Courses

Grades in Courses, HS Grades, High School Grades

An ‘A’ in an honors course beats an ‘A’ in a non-honors course. Duh.

Students and parents often ask us if it is better, from the standpoint of highly selective colleges, to get an ‘A’ in a non-honors course or a ‘B’ in an honors course. We understand that honors courses can be challenging. Read more >

Weighted GPA

Weighted Grade Point Average, Weighted Grades, Weighted Grading

A weighted GPA is an overrated GPA. Yes, overrated. We said it.

You know how some things in life are overrated? Well, count a weighted GPA among them. Weighted GPAs are overrated and overhyped. If we hear that a student has a 4.6 GPA, the parent who tells us about this grade point average might think it’s impressing us but, in reality, we have no idea what a 4.6 means. Read more >

High School Grades in Admissions

Grades in Admissions, HS Grades in Admissions, Ivy League and Grades

Grades matter in admissions a whole, whole lot. But should they matter even more?

We’ve written before that the best predictor for academic success once at college is…drum roll please…one’s high school grades. It’s not one’s SAT or ACT scores. It’s not their SAT Subject Test scores. It’s not their letters of recommendation or their choice of deodorant. Read more >

Electives and Ivy League Admission

Ivy Electives, Ivy League Electives, High School Electives

Taking courses on creating computer games and apps in your high school is not going to significantly help your case for admission to an Ivy League college.

Ivy Coach is featured in “The New York Observer” today in a piece entitled “Can Video Game Classes Get Kids Into College?” written by Helaina Hovitz. Read more >

Grades and Ivy League

In Ivy League admissions, getting great grades in the most challenging curriculum that your high school offers is of great importance. Getting good (but not great) grades in the most challenging curriculum your high school offers often doesn’t cut it. Getting great grades in a curriculum that is not your high school’s most rigorous often doesn’t cut it either. Read more >

AP Classes

AP Courses, Classes for AP, AP Class, Advanced Placement Classes, Advanced Placement Class

We know a student who once doodled over his AP Calculus exam. And for good reason.

There’s an interesting op-ed published by John Tierney, a former college professor and high school teacher, who believes that AP classes are “a scam.” We’re going to be discussing John Tierney’s post in future blogs (you might be surprised to know that there is a whole lot about what he wrote that we wholeheartedly agree with), but right now, we just want to share with you a story. Read more >

Senior Year Courses

If you’re a rising senior, don’t think for a second that your senior year courses don’t matter. They matter a great deal! Don’t think that your workload is over because you finished the toughest year of high school (junior year). Junior year is tough because you have SAT’s piled on top of your demanding coursework, but just because you might be done with your SAT’s, that doesn’t mean you can stop trying. Read more >