Summer Plans for College Admission

Summer and College Admissions, High School Summer Plans, High School Summers

How a high school student spends his or her summer can absolutely impact their case for college admission.

What are your summer plans for college admission success?

No more pencils, no more books. School’s out for summer at most high schools across America. And if it’s not, it will be soon. Read more >

Working on College Applications

College Applications, Work on College Apps, Work on College Applications

We work with rising high school seniors on their college applications over the summer months.

The summer months are when we work with rising high school seniors on their college applications. Of course, it’s not all these rising high school seniors are doing over the summer — they’re also involved in compelling summer activities, activities that were likely vastly different from the activities they were involved in before they started working with us. Read more >

Regeneron Science Talent Search

Regeneron Science Competition, Regeneron STS, Science Competition Regeneron

Ivy Coach salutes Regeneron for seamlessly taking a most important baton.

The Regeneron Science Talent Search. We like the sound of it. A year ago, you may remember how we lamented the end of Intel’s sponsorship of the world’s most prestigious science competition for high schoolers — the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS). Read more >

Community Service in Foreign Countries

Community Service and College, Admissions and Service Trips, Mission Trips in University Admissions

A number of folks wrote in to “The New York Times” in response to Frank Bruni’s editorial on mission trips and their role in college admissions.

Do community service in foreign countries to make the world better. But don’t do it in the hope that it’ll improve your chances of getting into a highly selective college. Read more >

Work Experience in College Admissions

Work Experience in College Admission, College Admission Work Experience, Colleges and Working Experience

Lifeguarding can indeed be seen as a positive in highly selective college admissions. Admissions officers do, contrary to popular belief, respect work experience (photo credit: Flyinhawaiian).

Work experience in college admissions can be a really good thing! It really can and it’s rather ridiculous that we have to say this. It’s quite rare these days when we encounter high school students who hold part-time jobs. Read more >

Nixing Summer Programs

College Summer Programs, Summer Programs and Admissions, College Admissions Summer Programs

Ivy Coach, as referenced on “The Huffington Post,” stands firmly against fancy summer enrichment programs (photo credit: King of Hearts).

A number of folks have been writing in to us of late inquiring about summer programs. Maybe they’re thinking of sending their children to the Stanford Summer Enrichment Program. Or a program like Stanford’s. Read more >

Google Science Fair Winner

Google Science Fair, Winner of Google Science Fair, 2015 Google Science Fair

A student’s pregnancy test for Ebola was the grand prize winner for the 2015 Google Science Fair.

Henry David Thoreau taught his readers to “simplify, simplify.” We happen to agree. So many students when applying to highly selective college admissions overly complicate their stories. They overly complicate their experiences, their accomplishments, their interests. Read more >

College Summer Enrichment Programs

We came across a radio segment on “Public Radio International” that we figured we’d share with our readers. The segment focuses on college summer programs. For those of you who read our blog regularly, you know where we stand on the topic of fancy summer programs. We think they’re a waste.  Read more >

Wharton LBW Program

Wharton Summer Program, Wharton Summer Enrichment Program, LBA Program at Wharton

Any assertion that attending a summer camp like the Wharton LBA program (and, yes, it’s camp) will improve your odds of admission to Wharton is patently false.

Thinking of attending the Wharton LBA program? A regular reader of our college admissions blog knows precisely where Ivy Coach stands on the issues of summer enrichment programs at highly selective colleges. Read more >


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