Deferred Applicants

Deferred applicants must be proactive if they hope to beat the odds and get in during Regular Decision.

Applying Early to College

The Early Decision and Early Action applicant pool is getting more diverse at prestigious universities.

Stanford Early Action Stats

Fewer students applied to Stanford University via Early Action this fall as compared to last year.

Advice for Deferred Students

Deferred students should write letters of enthusiasm to the colleges that didn’t give them offers of admission.

Early Decision Stats

Check out some of the Early Decision statistics at highly selective colleges around the nation.

Early Decision Notification

Brown University will be notifying Early applicants of their decisions tomorrow (12/13). Harvard will do so on Thursday, 12/15.

Johns Hopkins Admissions

The Johns Hopkins admissions office has released Early Decision application figures. They’re up. Shocker!

Early Decision Deadlines

Early Decision and Early Action deadlines at numerous Ivy League colleges were extended this year due to the East Coast storm.

Early Decision Deadline

The Early Decision deadline is fast approaching. Read over your essays in this final week.

Applying Early Decision

Applying Early Decision drastically improves one’s chances for admission as compared to applying Regular Decision.