University of Pennsylvania Class of 2027 Early Decisions Admissions Statistics

It was a record Early Decision cycle for the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2027. Over 8,000 students applied to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Ivy League institution under the school’s binding policy. It marked the largest Early Decision applicant pool in the school’s history, eclipsing last year’s 7,795 applicants and the … 

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Columbia University Class of 2027 Early Decision Admissions Statistics

With few exceptions year-over-year, applications to America’s elite universities increase over time — typically rather significantly. Columbia University’s Early Decision cycle for the Class of 2027 marks an exception to this trendline: ED applications to Columbia dipped 9% from last year. The cause? Look no further than Columbia’s unprecedented slide … 

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Yale Class of 2027 Early Action Applications

Early Action applications to the Yale Class of 2027 rose this year — to 7,777 students. It marks the second largest Early Action applicant pool in Yale’s history, trailing only the Early Action pool for the Yale Class of 2025 when 7,939 students applied to the Ivy League institution by … 

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On Binding Early Decision

We had a student a few years back whose dream was Columbia University. She thus applied Early Decision to Columbia, her first choice school. But just because she applied Early Decision to Columbia doesn’t mean she wasn’t able to also apply to schools under non-restrictive Early Action policies. After all, … 

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Early Decision Under Fire

A new report, published by a group known as “Education Reform Now,” has sharply criticized Early Decision policies. What? A group is against the notion that students should not have to make binding commitments to universities in exchange for increased odds of admission? This is a radical rebuke of a … 

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Correcting an Early Admission Misconception

One of the core objectives of Ivy Coach’s college admissions blog has long been to debunk misconceptions about the highly selective college admissions process — misconceptions perpetuated by the press, admissions officers, high school counselors, private college counselors, and, heck, even moms and dads in line at the local grocery … 

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