Not Applying To College Early Is A Major Mistake

Applying Early Decision, Applying Early Action, Advantage of Early Decision

The biggest mistake so many applicants make when applying to highly selective colleges? They don’t apply in the Early round.

We have argued for many years that to not apply to college during the Early Decision / Early Action round is to make the biggest mistake in highly selective college admissions. Read more >

Why Applying Early to College is Vital

Early Decision Application, Early Action Application, Apply Early to College

Students who choose not to apply to college in the Early round are making a major blunder.

Many students and parents wonder if they should be applying Early Decision or Early Action or if they should be waiting until the Regular Decision round before submitting applications. The fact that students and parents even debate this issue drives us mad. Read more >

Early Admission Policies

Early Admission Policy, Early Decision Admission Policy, Early Action Admission Policy

There is an outstanding piece by Robert Massa up on “Inside Higher Ed.” Did we mention that it’s outstanding?

Have you read a lot of criticism directed at Early admission policies of late? If so, stick around because there’s another side to the story — a side we’ve been championing for many years. Read more >

Yale Early Admissions

Yale 2021, 2021 at Yale University, Early Action at Yale

Ivy Coach is featured in today’s “Yale Daily News.”

Yale Early Action Numbers for the Class of 2021

Ivy Coach was featured in today’s “Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University. The piece, by Luke Ciancarelli, is entitled “Early applications increase across Ivy League” and it focuses — naturally — on the rise in Early Action applications across the Ivy League for the Class of 2021. Read more >

Applying Early and Financial Aid

Applying Early Decision, Applying Early Action, Financial Aid

Ivy Coach salutes the important work that Harold O. Levy did for New York City’s public schools. But we disagree with him on his arguments against Early Decision and Early Action policies (photo credit: Anthonybaracat).

Harold O. Levy is a former chancellor of the New York City public schools and we have long been fans of his work for students from underpriviledged backgrounds seeking to attend our nation’s most highly selective universities. Read more >

Johns Hopkins Class of 2021

JHU 2021, JHU Class of 2021, 2021 at Hopkins

Congratulations to all students admitted to be members of the JHU Class of 2021!

Johns Hopkins University has released data on its Early Decision pool for the Class of 2021 and we’ve got it for our readers. In all, 591 students who applied Early Decision to the Baltimore-based school have been offered admission to be members of the Johns Hopkins Class of 2021. Read more >

Early Decision at Dartmouth

ED at Dartmouth, Dartmouth College Early Decision, Early Applications to Dartmouth

Ivy Coach is cited today on the pages of “The Dartmouth.”

Ivy Coach is featured today in America’s oldest college newspaper, “The Dartmouth.” In the piece in Dartmouth College’s newspaper written by Joyce Lee entitled “Early decision students to comprise 47 percent of class,” the Founder of Ivy Coach, Bev Taylor, praises Dartmouth for its outreach in the last couple of years in particular to international applicants. Read more >

Tufts Class of 2021

Tufts 2021, 2021 at Tufts, The Class of 2021 at Tufts University

Well hello there, Jumbo!

Tufts University has released its figures for the first of two rounds of Early Decision — for the Class of 2021. In all, 574 students have already been turned into elephants. We mean Jumbos. And in a refreshing change of pace, the new dean of admissions — unlike the dean at just about every other highly selective university — didn’t reference the number of applicants or even the admission rate in her post about the first round of Early Decision at Tufts. Read more >

UPenn Class of 2021

UPenn 2021, 2021 at Penn, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2021

Penn has a history of filling a major chunk of its incoming class in the Early Decision round.

The numbers are in for the Early Decision pool at UPenn for the Class of 2021! The University of Pennsylvania has a history of filling a sizable chunk of its incoming classes through its Early Decision program. Read more >

Harvard Early Action Decisions

Harvard ED Decisions, Early Action at Harvard, Early Harvard Results

One can rarely prepare for a flood. We don’t even try. We turn off our electronic devices and go into hiding. We kid, we kid — you’ll understand more after reading this piece (photo credit: Bidgee).

The Harvard Early Action decisions are out! Run for the hills, for higher ground! The floodgates usually open the day that Harvard releases its Early Action decisions. Read more >


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