Duke University Applicants

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Do you want to be a Cameron Crazy? Photo credit: Debivort.

For all students applying to Duke University hoping to be Cameron Crazies, if you ever wondered just how important Duke’s men’s basketball team is to the university, an article on “Forbes” gives you the bottom line. “Duke University is the top revenue generating men’s basketball program in the country, generating over 160 percent more revenue than the national average among other BCS basketball programs,” writes Patrick Rishe of “Forbes.”

Here is Patrick Rishe’s / Forbes’ full 2011 ranking of the 73 BCS teams based on their revenue:

Rank Team MBB Rev Index

1 Duke $26,667,056 2.64

2 Louisville $25,890,003 2.57

3 North Carolina $20,551,168 2.04

4 Arizona $19,285,038 1.91

5 Syracuse $18,309,470 1.82

6 Wisconsin $17,666,311 1.75

7 Kentucky $16,781,239 1.66

8 Indiana $16,570,158 1.64

9 Ohio St. Read more >

Premed Applicants

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Many students go to college thinking they want to be pre-med only to change their minds.

There was a great article in yesterday’s “The Harvard Crimson” that explored how students who arrive at Harvard and want to get on the premed path often end up changing their minds. The article points out that many students with an interest in medicine are exposed to medicine from an early age, either because of their annual doctor appointments, the prevalence of medicine on television series such as “House” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” or one or both of their parents are physicians and they want to follow in their footsteps. Read more >

College Admissions and March Madness

College Admission and March Madness, March Madness and Admissions, University Admissions and March Madness

Harvard has won at least a share of the Ivy League title this year.

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when you print out your NCAA Tourney bracket, read Dick Vitale’s predictions on ESPN, and then fill in your own projections for the universities you think will advance to the Sweet 16 and beyond. Read more >

Harvard ROTC Applicants

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With the long overdue overturning of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” Harvard reinstated its ROTC program. It’s a great day for Harvard!

The administration at Harvard decided this week to reinstate the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program on campus. Since 1970, the ROTC program had been discontinued at Harvard as a result of student protests to the Vietnam War and remained inactive due to the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy.” Said Harvard President Drew Faust in a statement, “Our renewed relationship affirms the vital role that the members of our Armed Forces play in serving the nation and securing our freedoms, while also affirming inclusion and opportunity as powerful American ideals. Read more >

The Ivy League Influence on Career

Ivy League Influence on Career, Ivy League Career Influence, Ivy League and Career

Just how much more do you make with an Ivy League degree?

There is an article on “CNBC” today that tackles the issue of whether or not an Ivy League education is worth the cost of admission. Is the degree worth as much as we think it is? The consensus is…it is but not for the reasons you may think. Read more >

The Grand Prize of Caltech Admissions

Caltech and Intel STS, Intel and Caltech, CIT and Intel STS

Caltech landed the winner of the Intel Science Talent Search.

Admissions counselors at Caltech celebrated last year when they landed a major recruit. This student was not the 7’0, 260 lb. inside post presence that could help transform their basketball team from the most notorious loser – they had not won a single conference game in 26 years, since before the fall of the Berlin Wall – into an NCAA contender. Read more >

There is Life After Being Rejected

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John Kerry was rejected by Harvard not once but twice.

For the class of 2014, Harvard University received 30,489 and accepted 2,110. If you’re one of those 28,379 students who applied and were rejected, you may find some comfort in knowing that Harvard does indeed make mistakes.

Take U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA), for example. Read more >

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Rankings

Lies and College Ranking, Lies and High School Rankings, HS Rankings

Mark Twain had a saying about lies and statistics. We feel it applies to high school rankings.

The magazines that rank our best colleges, graduate schools, boarding schools, hospitals, health plans, doctors, nursing homes, and high schools do so because they’re in the business of selling magazines. We buy into this craze. Read more >

More on YouTubing the College Admissions Rapids

YouTube and Ivy Admissions, Ivy Admission and YouTube, YouTube and University Admissions

Making YouTube videos to go along with your college application is more than likely a mistake.

Posting videos on YouTube in substitution for an application essay may be the latest craze in college admissions, but we at Ivy Coach doubt that too many colleges are going to adopt this practice. While a video might have value if it actually says something about the applicant, unless access to the video is limited to only the admissions committee, we don’t see where it’s in the applicant’s best interest to have a video publicly displayed. Read more >