Facebook and Admissions

FB and Admissions, FB and College Admissions, Facebook and College Admission

What students post on Facebook can absolutely impact their case for college admission.

The revocation of at least ten offers of admission by Harvard University this year due to despicable comments these students made on a Facebook page should serve as a warning shot to college applicants across America and around the world. Read more >

Social Media Can Hurt in College Admissions Too

Social Media in Admissions, Social Media and Admissions Officers, Social Media and Ivy League Admission

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that one’s social media footprint can also adversely impact one’s case for college admission.

Oh nuts. We hate picking on “CNN.” We love Anderson Cooper! And “CNN” has been taking too many unwarranted hits these days with all the erroneous “fake news” claims. But there is a misleading headline we feel the need to correct for our readers. Read more >

College Applicants and Social Media

College Admissions Social Media, College Admission Social Media, Social Media and University Applicants

Instagram is all the rage. Until it hurts your case for admission to your dream school.

Worried about your Facebook page as you apply to highly selective colleges? Or maybe your Instagram feed? You’ve got good reason to be concerned. Ivy Coach is featured in today’s “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. Read more >

Social Media and Admissions

Social Media in Admission, Admission and Facebook, College Admissions Social Media

Those photos of junior prom on Instagram need to go. And fast.

Students applying to highly selective colleges should clean up their Facebooks. They should clean up their Instgrams. They should clean up their Twitters. And they should clean up all of the other social media accounts they have. If you’re wondering what you think we mean by “clean up,” we mean make them go bye bye. Read more >

Social Media and Admission Decisions

Social Media in Admissions, College Admissions Social Media, Facebook and Admissions

The Director of Ivy Coach is quoted today on the pages of the University of Pennsylvania’s newspaper.

Brian Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, is featured today on the pages of “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. In the piece by Caroline Simon entitled “Social media plays increasing role in admissions,” Simon writes about how admissions officers are increasingly turning to social media to do their own form of background checks on applicants. Read more >

LinkedIn in College Admissions

There’s an article in “Christian Science Monitor” about the role of LinkedIn in college admissions. More and more students, it turns out, are using LinkedIn as a way to express themselves and share information that is relevant to them. That’s entirely unsurprising. This is news? Well, LinkedIn did lower the minimum age for entry to the site to 14 recently, but, still, teenagers love their social media so the fact that they’re putting up profiles on LinkedIn shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Read more >

Tweeting and College Admissions

Twitter and Admissions, Twitter and College Admissions, Twitter and Bowdoin Admissions

Don’t write anything on Twitter that you don’t want college admissions officers to read. Because they may well read your Tweets.

There’s a terrific piece in “The New York Times” entitled “They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets” by Natasha Singer that we wanted to discuss with the loyal readers of our college admissions blog. Read more >

Facebook and College Essays

There was an article yesterday in the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania, “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” in which our Founder, Bev Taylor, is quoted that focuses on admissions officers disclosing on social media what is written in college essays. One admissions officer in particular, a former Penn admissions officer by the name of Nadirah Farah Foley blatantly violated the trust of the Penn admissions office by posting excerpts of applicants’ college essays on her Facebook page. Read more >

LinkedIn and College Admissions

There is an article out today in “US News & World Report” about LinkedIn and college admissions. Authored by Menachem Wecker, the article discusses a new feature on LinkedIn in which folks can endorse the skills of others. For instance, if you think that a former employee was a very good programmer, you can endorse that former employee on LinkedIn as a skilled programmer. Read more >

Facebook Photos and College Admission

FB and College Admission, Facebook and Ivy League Admission, Ivy Admission and Facebook

Contrary to what Mr. Grove writes, showcasing yourself in a prom dress doesn’t paint you in a good light to college admissions counselors. Oy vey. This particular young woman went to prom in the 50’s, according to the Internet.

Allen Grove, writer of the “About.com” blog on college admissions recently posted about fifteen Facebook photos that will make you look good to admissions officers. Read more >